GTA 5, Last of Us PS4 bundle, $79 2DS, $99 iPhone 6: Here come the Black Friday deals

Black Friday may still be nearly a month away, but that hasn't stopped a lot of retailers from either announcing their deals early, or just dropping their prices right now.

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Special-Agent-Milo1263d ago

These deals would be amazing...if I didn't already have a PS4.

Muzikguy1263d ago (Edited 1263d ago )

I agree I'd grab that bundle in a heartbeat

medman1263d ago

I too already have a ps4 but was looking at the 120-150 dollar off best buy deal to trade in my 360 slim and pick up the xbone at $199....but then I thought about it and realized I wouldn't buy any games for the xbone at the moment as the games I want for it (Quantum Break, Halo 5, and Below, though that is a timed exclusive) are still not close to release and most of the games I'm anticipating for 2014 are multiplats and I would be buying them for ps4 on second thought I think I'll wait for them to redesign and pick up the slim version at a later date...hopefully the slim won't have a power brick (though I'm really not expecting them to redesign that much of the console) and be significantly smaller than the current console.

joydestroy1263d ago

the best deals for a PS4, that i've seen thus far, are the $399 GTAV+TLoUR and the $409.99 Destiny bundle on Newegg's eBay store. the Newegg one is the best, imo, because there's no tax and free shipping...

Muzikguy1263d ago

Too bad I don't have a Sams card!

SoapShoes1263d ago

Dang that Dell deal is the best on the market!! GTA5 and TLOU? That's $120 + tax in savings.

RedDevils1263d ago

2 best games on PS4, that is the best time to make up jump on next gen

Shy_1263d ago

The fact that these "2 best games on PS4" are games that I currently own on my PS3, makes the jump to next gen somewhat less appealing however.

Still a great deal though.

RedDevils1263d ago

For some people those are the games that hold them back for dumping the PS3 and move on to PS4

xlSAVAGElx1263d ago

Hm - I think I'm going to buy a 2DS it has a great price drop just in time for Pokemon!

I was hoping they would have a Wii U bundle deal but didn't see anything.

That Buy 2 Get 1 Free looks great as well.

My body is ready, my wallet is not......

Massacred1263d ago

I know a few people who might pick this up

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