PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset Available Now

Sony has released a brand new gaming headset today. Joining its brethren, thePlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset, the Silver Wired Stereo Headset looks set to deliver quality sound, comfort and more, all for a reasonable price.

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Hitman07691384d ago

This looks like something I would buy, I'm tired of all these wireless ones breaking.

Rikuson11384d ago

And you think just because this one is Wired it would make a difference?

TheJacksonRGN1384d ago

Maybe it is the rechargeable battery that allows craps out/die out too fast?

That is the main difference between wired and wireless. So with a wired headset you wouldn't have to worry about batteries.

Ever thought of that?

kingPoS1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

This seems to be aimed those who don't seem to be bothered about the "wire". More power to you. Half the time I use my gold set's as regular headphones anyhow. Makes me glad I got the gold set when it was on sale for $80 at amazon. I've definitely got to give props to Sony for including a four pole cable, without that I wouldn't be able to to use the headset's built-in mic to talk on my phone. (I even bought a matching blue cable lol)

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