Destiny 2 Already in The Works; Activision Releases Financial Results Split by Platform Mix

Activision released its financial results for the quarter ended on September 30th, and you can check them out below, showing a marked increase from the same quarter last year.

During the following conference call it was also mentioned that Destinty's sequel is already in the works.

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TheWatercooler1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

You can bet the sales of destiny on PS4 absolutely crushed xbone sales. We had some good proof from NPD in September. World wide destiny sales on PS4 must have been huge with much much less on xbone.


I do. PS4 is the number 1 choice for gamers that much is clear. The more it keeps on dominating sales the more exclusive content it will secure


Lol. No it didn't. Not even close. You are simply choosing to ignore the bundles. Sony sold 500,000 in North America alone. Probably 1mil worldwide. Destiny and PS4's consoles trounced Xbone in September


My post reeks of fanboyism? The post you just typed is far worse. You have a brand new account and your comments already show what you are all about.

And visually PS4 games have crushed xbones. Ryse is nothing special at all. 900p @ 20fps. The pre rendered cutscenes are the only things of note. Infamous is visually far more impressive all round. It's open world, 1080p, average 40fps. Higher polygon count, Higher texture detail. 100% better lighting and particle effects and nothing pre rendered.


Yes I do. LB3 this month. It's been a great year for sony exclusives. Infamous, MLB the show, Infamous, Last of us rem, Driveclub. Even some third party like Final Fantasy 14. More exclusive than on that other console. They just lumped there's into the holiday season because of sales .

Correct me if i'm wrong but the Microsoft hasn't had 1 single exclusive this year until FH2 in October.

Funantic11205d ago

Yeah because the game was garbage anyway. That just means more people on the PS4 got suckered into buying the game.

AngelicIceDiamond1205d ago

@DadzDon't mind him. He plays sales numbers, PR, pixles everything but games don't mind him he clearly joking with his troll account.

OTP: Destiny 2 will be a much bigger and better game. Just sucks I cant say the same for the hype over D2.

ScorpiusX1205d ago

Thank you , couldn't have said it better myself.

jrshankill1205d ago

Biggest PS4 fanboy on n4g... It's a toss-up between thewatercooler and tlougotg.

I wouldn't bother feeding them.

ThunderSpark1205d ago

What is going on with all the PS4 hate lately? It is getting ridiculous and seems more like a campaign.

Either way, Xbox fans don't play numbers or graphics unless it is in their favor. Let's all stop being hypocrites and just enjoy your console of choice.

It just so happens that more people have the PS4 as their preferred console of choice. That does not make your console of choice obsolete.

XBLSkull1205d ago

Yep - Destiny failed to impress, no Destiny 2 in my future.

Oner1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

So let me recap & get this straight ~

TheWatercooler posts his comment (which was ON TOPIC by the way, as per the crux of the article) and then the immediate next 6 posts were either

a) Immature
b) Trolling
c) Personal Attacks
d) COMPLETELY Off topic
e) or a combination of the above actions

Yet those same posters are usually the first ones/types to [email protected]!#%, cry & complain all over N4G about how they have no bubbles and blame "others" because of "xyz" I see it YOU have no one to blame but yourselves.

Whether you agree with him or not is the issue <which can & should be debated> but it seems people want to attack the COMMENTER and NOT the comment itself. Yep ~ dat N4G logic.

If you can't disprove or elaborate on what is "wrong" with his post then you really have nothing to say and are just showing your ignorance by your replies...

SMFH ~ Stay Classy.

its_JEFF1205d ago

@Oner brings up some good points... everything he posted was true and on topic. There really was no hint of fanboy in his initial post.

N4g_null1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Ps4 gamers are getting suckered into alot of stuff.. paying for online, watch dogs destiny, drive club, Hmmmm free games, vitas. Yeah sure they buy a lot of stuff and then complain about it on the net... then spouts sales as to why they bought a system. Sounds like a suckered to me.

Does the water cooler really stay on topic? This is about destiny 2 not sales of one console beating the other.also ps4 hate is for the mediocrity not the platform. Will destiny 2 sale? Maybe not. They better finish the current game up first. Also does this mean they are done with all current dlc but are drip feeding it out? That is painful wow.

deepio1204d ago

@Oner - How is Watercooler's ON TOPIC? The financial results in the article don't breakdown X1 and PS4 sales so the only reason to bring this up is to push your own fanboy agenda, which is exactly what he did. There's no other reason for it.

Oner1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Article Headline ~

"Destiny 2 Already in The Works; Activision Releases Financial Results..."

I am referring to his original post (not the edit/replies of which was provoked by the following comments) because it's about Destiny & Activisions financial sales. So while he may not be 100% on topic as you believe, he absolutely is WAAAAY further on topic than the others.

Again let me clarify, you don't have to like him personally but addressing his post has much more value than directly attacking him of which has absolutely nothing to do with the article.

redwin1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

@deepio, some people buy things because it's the must popular. Weather its a system or a game, cars or clothes. Some others buy because of an informed desision, but that desision might end up to be a popular. Now, some others make a desision and then it turns out to be wrong down the line, then they tend to dwel on ambiguous positives like sales numbers and resolutions. Enter Destiny, there is nothing new and hype was short lived. Now they are working the angle of a very popular game and that the 2nd is coming and you should be excited because this one might be better and will validate the first wrong desision. It's marketing, telling you that even if you don't like it you should buy it anyway and be happy with it because you will be one of the millions. WAKE UP PEOPLE! Be original. The game was bad and it is ok to say it okay to say it.

deepio1204d ago

@redwin - Errr okay, what's that got to do with my comment?

Lightning Mr Bubbles1204d ago

Not sure if I would be down for a Destiny sequel, have to wait till I'm done with the first one to see if I still crave more Destiny, but a Destiny sequel probably isn't coming for a while anyway.

BitbyDeath1204d ago

Better have local co-op this time. Only way I'd buy it.

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SuperLupe1205d ago

Well great for the PS4 crowd ... I guess ...

Back to Sunset Overdrive I go. Destiny just doesnt cut it for me.

DeadManMMX1205d ago

Ditto been playing it and enjoying it all day today.

Xb1ps41205d ago

I'll be getting soon! But I'm enjoying fh2 right now...

SUCKxITxEZ1205d ago

I actually traded in Destiny so I could get Sunset, so I have no choice, not that I'd go back to that boring game anyway. Not even the same bungie we loved. The story and music directos went back to Microsoft before Activision could thoroughly tarnish their reputations. Still dissapointed they sold out to Activision, but at least they are back where they belong.

redwin1204d ago

I've been enjoying Fallen a lot more. It's good to try a different genre for a change.

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DeadManMMX1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

I think you can bet that most of those 3.5 million playing daily are on PS4 too. The rest of us have moved on. Not trolling but I legitimately did not like that game and was dissapointed. I traded it in last night at walmart and got double credit of 61 dollars. So I lost out on nothing with trying it. The game just doesn't feel fully baked. It looks pretty but has no soul and is very repetitive. I spent 20 minutes killing some death walker tank thing for it to drop NOTHING. I played co op with friends at a higher level and it doesn't divy up the XP nearly as efficiently as Borderlands did. I just did not have much fun. That is just my opinion but I was tired of telling myself that it felt worth the 60 dollars when I found so little enjoyment in it.

Patrick_pk441205d ago

I don't understand the appeal to the game. I pre-ordered tit for the PS4 and I canceled it a month before the release. I knew it was going to be terrible and didn't want to waste cash on shovelware. I'll be buying LBP3 instead.

Farmassy1205d ago

you thought it was pretty? I mean it didn't look bad but I definitely didn't think the graphics were very impressive

n4rc1205d ago

Actually the word is Xbox sold more copies of destiny.. That was awhile back tho

Magicite1205d ago

only in usa and only because PS4 was bundled with Destiny.

Mikelarry1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@ unreal n4rc is right according to npd for sept

CerealKiller1205d ago

"According to that chart, Destiny sold more at retail for the Xbox One than the PlayStation 4. There are a couple of caveats that go along with that ranking, though. For starters, Sony offered the PlayStation 4 bundle with Destiny packed in and the console saw a huge jump in sales for the month of September as a result. Secondly, Microsoft ran a promotion where it gave away a free copy of any game with the purchase of an Xbox One.

Despite being free, the Xbox One copies of Destiny sold with Microsoft’s console counts as a sale. Meanwhile, copies bundled with the PlayStation 4 did not count as a sale. Interesting how that works, no? It turns out that Destiny actually sold more on Sony’s console once you factor in worldwide sales and not just North America."

Magnes1205d ago

@CerealKiller yeah I was a free xbox copy myself. Bought the madden Xb1 bundle went back to gamestop week later when the destiny deal dropped they just gave me a copy. I already had Destiny Digital download on ps4 traded it right there Bob's your uncle I got Shadow of Mordor for Ps4 free..

n4rc1205d ago

I personally don't buy into the whole "we don't count bundles as sales"

Bs.. Of course you do.. You think Activision gave away those downloads? Hell no.. They were bought by Sony (discounted I'm sure) and Activision would no doubt include those in their sales calls.. First party games bundled may not count, but 3rd party games for sure do because they sure weren't free to either platform holder

The author makes that assumption.. Nowhere did they state any such thing.

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CerealKiller1205d ago

@TheWatercooler What like Tomb Raider?

MRMagoo1231205d ago

Thats timed and was probably paid for by MS, Sony wont need to pay for things like that because companies want to back the console completely dominating and at this point in time and probably for the rest of this gen it is PS4.

coolvibu931205d ago


It's quite naive if you think Sony does not pay for exclusive content. Just like MS paid for exclusive Call of Duty marketing and DLC, Sony also paid for exclusive DLC and marketing.

hudsoniscool1204d ago

Very hypocritical of u to bash ms for doing that when were in a article about destiny. And Sony did the same thing with it. Paying for exclusive content and marketing.
Companies do this stuff all the time. Who gives a sh&t.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1205d ago

u mean casuals and dudebros

gamers are the minority

LOL_WUT1205d ago

Just get yourself an X1 or a PS4 trust me you're missing out! ;)

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

not really. I mostly play exclusives and none of the new exclusives interest me. Maybe a year from that may change but now nope.

I just stick with 3DS, Wii U and Vita they offer my great exclusives for now.

No_Limit1205d ago (Edited 1205d ago )

@TheWatercooler ,

Only fanboys like you cares about stuff like this. LOL

Enjoy your Destiny on your system and stop pounding your chest on a mediocre third party game. SMH

ThinkThink1205d ago

You're kind of like the homeless guy on the corner that spouts nonsense only on N4G. I feel kind of bad, but also will cross the street to avoid walking past you cause you might be stinky.

FanboyKilla1205d ago

oh ok your decision to the biggest disappointment of 2014, is to make a part two. lmfao good luck with that. this news confirms even you think your game is boo boo.

CorndogBurglar1205d ago

By this logic, devs would only make sequels of crappy games, not goty level games. Yet we see it all the time. If a game makes money, it gets a sequel.

This sequel news shouldn't be surprising to anyone. Bungie said this is a 10 year plan. They already knew they were going to be making sequels LONG before this one came out.

Basically what I'm saying is, its okay to dislike this game all you want, but slow down on the fanboyism. It leads to you posting ignorant sounding comments.

Also, your name is a bit ironic, isn't it? This comment you just posted shows that you act just like a fanboy. Even though you are hating on this game, you are acting just like a fanboy that defends things. Or am I reading your name wrong? Do you kill fanboys, or are you a fanboy who kills?

Johnsonparts231205d ago

doesn't matter if you think it's the "biggest disappointment of 2014". The numbers are all that matters. And not just sales. The amount of people still playing the game show that it's been and still is extremely successful. After a month no one was playing Watch Dogs or Titanfall. But millions still play Destiny on a regular basis. But you're right, Gamespot gave it a 6 so that makes it a failure right? lol

HeMan761205d ago

1)May be for you but definetely not for me.I see no differences between pS4 and XO games sigificantly.I love the XO's controller and XBL is extremely stable,much more secured,more content,much better features and UI,incredible and endless updates.I see no reason to buy a PS4 currently and have no reason to buy it for the next year as well.(May be U4 can change my mind)

2)The games like Halo,GeoW,Forza,Fable,Scalebou nd,Quantum Break,Phantom Dust,Rise of the TR tell me that you have to stay for a long time only on XO.Thats my decision and these are the games I want to play with big enjoyment.

Mostly The games I want to play made my decision for XO side.If you want to benchmark better assemle a very good pc then you can satisfy yourself.

If you want the visual fidelity Still there is no a game come close to Ryse and FH2 on PS4.Thats the interesting part that under every article even under only XO articles the PS4 fans striving to prove the PS4 is much more powerful.If it is that powerful why they still cant catch the visual fidelity of XO on their own games?

So your comment reeks fanboyism

MRMagoo1231205d ago

"So your comment reeks fanboyism" you say this to him yet say this "If you want the visual fidelity Still there is no a game come close to Ryse and FH2 on PS4" yourself ? lol nice try, but there are numerous games on PS4 that look better than either of those 2 games, killzone destroys them both graphics wise and infamous also does this too, imagine what ryse would look like if it wasnt the most linear game ever created.

FriedGoat1205d ago

Just ignore Heman, he is a brand new Xbox fanboy account, obviously still upset and needs to justify his Xbox one purchase.

oSHINSAo1205d ago

Do you have any more games to buy ?

Gamer7771205d ago

How much is Sony paying you for advertising? Oh wait nothing.

SonofGod1205d ago

Oh look it's back.

How is that even relevant?

dcj05241205d ago

Wii u is better when it comes to exclusives this year imo. Mario Kart 8,Bayonetta 2, Super Smash BroS. More action packed. Though i do prefer FFXIV over most games.

HaydenJameSmith1205d ago

You are such a stupid fanboy...

Zhipp1205d ago

This article said nothing about Destiny's sales on PS4 vs XB1. Actually, AFAIK, all we have to go on is VGChartz, and they have Destiny on PS4 selling a bit under 2x as many copies as on XB1. Of course, their sales are waay lower than the 9.5 million that Activision announced, so it's best to take their numbers with a grain of salt.

mikeslemonade1205d ago

Watercooler is mostly correct that's the difference between the fans from each camp.

KyRo1205d ago

I'm 72 hours into Destiny and still enjoying a lot when playing with friends. Yes there are some problems but then again I didn't get sucked into the hype like a lot of you did.

It's a good game, 10 million sales and 3.5 million users playing at any one time, that's a lot of people loving a game that this place loves hate on.

16bitNutritionist1204d ago

Did you notice you only had one bubble? I wonder why?

Anyways OT, it will need much more content this time around. I'm defo gonna wait till its out for a while before I get it instead of being disappointed after two days of gaming on it.

BallsEye1204d ago

So much denial in you. Keep on dreaming pal.

listenkids1204d ago

This is actually embarrassing to read, as someone who prefers PS.

deepio1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Watercooler's comment is unnecessary. The article is not about X1 vs PS4 sales.

SuperbVillain1204d ago

Im a ps4 guy myself,but this comes off douchebagish

Ryan7411204d ago

So much salt in this post I brought French fries.

Jonny5isalive1204d ago

Well thats been obvious since before they both launched that ps4 would dominate like this. Im actually considering getting a xbox1 now someday.
Destiny 2 already being worked on means the DLC was ripped from the original game and it already on the disk now to be sold. THey are not working on the dlc and have been working on destiny 2. They are probably rushing to get the series on ps4 that is dominating.

XanderZane1204d ago (Edited 1204d ago )

Uumm.. MLB and TLOU Remaster aren't exclusive. You know that right? These Microsoft exclusive has pretty much destroyed the PS4 exclusives. Compare the Metacritic scores

XB1: Sunset Overdrive, Forza 5, Horizon 2, D4, Dance Central: Spot Light, Fantasia: Music Evolved

PS4: Knack, Killzone: SF, Infamous SS, DriveClub.

It's actually has been an awful year for PS4 exclusives, mainly due to all the delays and all the overhyped games that failed to deliver. Then they had a disasterous PSN online servers the last 3 weeks. Then Masamune 2.0 caused issues with gamer's PS4 going into Rest Mode and not being able to Power On. Problems with uploading YouTube videos, etc... PSNow launches with overpriced game renals and laggy Wifi gameplay. PSTV launches with poor reviews as well.

It's been a great year for Indies on the PS4, but that's about it. Everyone is hoping Sony has something big to announce at their Dec 6 & 7 Event. Waiting patiently for Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, Uncharted 4, etc..

Aries831204d ago

Umm, Destiny actually sold more on Xbox One. Granted the totals don't include the PS4 Destiny bundle, but PS$ Destiny sales did not crush Xbox One sales.

TAURUS-5551204d ago

hopefully in destiny 2 the multiplayer will be bigger and better..destiny MP is crappy and boring. its got potential but bungie didnt give a sht.

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TimeSkipLuffy1205d ago

Destiny 2 then would take 9-10 years to finish? Otherwise I see Destiny's support being cut down because of the development of Destiny 2?

CerealKiller1205d ago

The 10 year figure is for the entire franchise including all sequels. All the DLC for the first game is already finished. Destiny 2 will use a lot of the same assets as the first game so it will take a much shorter amount of time to develop a-la Call of Duty.

pkb791205d ago

Not only finished but locked away on the disc ready to go.