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Edward Smith of IBTimes says:

"In my time as a reviewer for IBT, I've always tried to find the best in AAA titles. Even the most corporate, hedonistic, carefree games contain, I like to believe, some small signs of progress, a mechanic or line of dialogue which intonate that at least a developer is trying.

"But Advanced Warfare is completely backward. It's emblematic of what videogames were ten, maybe 15 years ago, back when story and action existed in vacuums and all that mattered was spectacle."

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DEEBO1269d ago

Be real now that's a buggy game review.

BiggerBoss1269d ago

Im not really a COD fan, probably wont even pick AW up, but this review is just pure clickbait. Even if it was the WORST COD, it would have to be near broken to warrant a 4/10 imo

Army_of_Darkness1268d ago

When I see a very, very low review score like this for a game that clearly doesn't deserve it, the only thing I can think of is... " STFU and GO away you fake ass, click baitin' son of a Mitch wannabe journalist."

assdan1268d ago

Clearly click bait. No COD game yet deserves a score that low.

guitarded771268d ago

I'm one of those who have been highly critical of CoD in the past, and while the game is not perfect, it is pretty damn fun so far. It's like CoD and Crysis had a baby. And here's something I thought I'd never say... the game looks good too. The character models are excellent. Their movements are still robotic at times, but I have been impressed with the textures. Just wish the environments and objects in them were more dynamic. Opinions are one thing, but it is a reviewers job to be objective but fair. This reviewer is a moron.

Axonometri1269d ago

buggy? It's broken at the title screen for me.

LackTrue4K1268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

saving peoples time...
i take this, straight out of the article:

Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Scores:

Gameplay: 4/10 – Confused, overloaded with new and one-use mechanics.
Graphics: 8/10 – It's a good-looking game, no doubt. Kevin Spacey's avatar is a bit dead behind the eyes.
Writing: 3/10 – The ending is a change of tact but the rest is no good at all.
Sound: 5/10 – Confident voice-acting but bland music and often puny sounding weapons.
Replay value: 7/10 – Multiplayer, challenge modes, the works – if you get into this, you'll be with it a while.
Overall: 4/10 – Games are better than this now. Call of Duty is becoming a relic.

i add the score up and it equals 31/60.....

so...? should the score not be 5/10??? what a fail of an article!

HammadTheBeast1268d ago

Not really.

If we're using a real 10 point scale, then 9-10 is a masterpiece, 7-8 is a solid game, 5-6 is a completely average game, 3-4 is a mediocre game, and 1-2 is a buggy, broken game.

If the author thinks that CoD AW is a mediocre game, 4 fits in with the review.

TheArkatek1268d ago

Ooops well going off of ur criteria i would give it a 5/6

cpayne931268d ago

isn't mediocre and average basically the same? In no way would I consider a 3 to be only "mediocre" a 3 is awful.

DanteVFenris6661268d ago

3-4 is a bit harsh. But is give it a 6. My biggest gripe is the genre itself and how unoriginal it's become with this series being the flagship for how it's becoming so unoriginal. Also Ill just never connect to a game that immitates real life. I want creativity, I want artsy environments that make me go "wow". I want creative gameplay mechanics and story that make me say "that hasn't been done before". Cods just never done this once and it's do to its nonfiction setting. A game based around modernish warfare can never be artsy or creative.

darren_poolies1268d ago

"But Advanced Warfare is completely backward. It's emblematic of what videogames were ten, maybe 15 years ago, back when story and action existed in vacuums and all that mattered was spectacle."

Why can't a game just be pure spectacle? Why does every game have to have some amazing story? Sometimes I like to just leave my brain at the door and have fun and there is nothing wrong with that. This game is no where near a 4/10

DanteVFenris6661268d ago

Yea but it's now where above a 6. I think cod just gets a free pass because we know what to expect. Games have done plenty to out play cod by miles and they struggle to get even 8. And then here's cod with I'm sorry but same generic gameplay(oh wait this one added double jump, seriously? I could code this in a few minutes). Though a admit this one does look more refreshing(which isn't saying much because before I thought it was rehashed garbage) it doesn't change my mind that I think this series should die for at least 5 years.

3-4-51268d ago

It's reviews like these, why people don't trust reviews.

DanteVFenris6661268d ago (Edited 1268d ago )

Or the 9s I'm sorry but cod should never be a nine. I can handle 8s but 9-10 should be only for those truly above and beyond games. Activision clearly cuts corners with cod and copy and past a lot of assets and codes. They definitely don't go above and beyond to warrant those numbers. But if someone really has fun with it than I think it deserves an 8 at most

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joel_c171268d ago

They are just trolling for hits. Happens with every game.

Funantic11269d ago

Lol. No matter how well a game scores there's always that one review that has to nitpick and find excuses to hate. This review gets a review of 1/10.

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