Destiny Has Nearly 10 Million Registered Users

Destiny is officially one of the biggest games in the world.

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ValKilmer1327d ago

Looks like this is game is a huge success, after all.

jrshankill1327d ago

A success at suckering people in with hype.

Agent20091327d ago

I'd say Destiny is actually pretty decent. I played it on PS3 until I traded it in (to have more money for other games), but I often think about going back to it again, on the PS4 - and that's a sign it sucked me in.

It can only get better, with sequels coming every two years, along with big DLCs for them.

BiggerBoss1327d ago

I wouldn't say I was suckered in to playing. I only rented it, but I had a ton of fun while I had it. The story was Meh and the writing was really bad, but it had really great gameplay. If the dlcs weren't so expensive I would definitely go back to play some more.

CorndogBurglar1327d ago

Suckering people in with hype might account for people that bought the game, but what about the millions of people still playing it almost 2 months later?

People need to just give it up and realize that this is a fun game with a very large following.

Maxor1327d ago

I'm one of the morons who paid $80 for this fail train. Looking at all the great games that are out now and the even better games coming this year, that $80 could've gone into something awesome like Dragon Age: Inq instead of this buggy, contentless, repetitive grind fest.

ITPython1327d ago

Hype gets the game it's initial sales, but keeping players is what counts. And what was the last count on active players playing an average of 3 hours a day? Something like 1.4 million?

The game is a huge success in every way possible. And people who actually like the games genera, are loving it.

mochachino1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

The people playing it everyday and enjoying it with friends weren't suckered at all.

Half the people criticizing Destiny are people that cancelled pre-orders after mediocre reviews and then criticizing the people that actually like the game for falling for hype.

A person that passes judgment on something they haven't even played based on others' reviews has also been tricked....into not forming their own opinion.

Sure some people bought it and didn't like it, that's the case with any game whether, 9.5/10 or 6/10. But it's obvious that millions of gamers logged in hundreds of hours into Destiny and still enjoy it. Fro my experience, it's a great game to play with friends. It's just like talking and hanging out but you get to shoot stuff and develop a character.

A lot of reviewers were wrong imo. Games flawed but it's no 6/10.

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Godmars2901327d ago

And yet technically its a failure. A message to devs and publishers that they can do whatever they want, offer it at any price, and people will buy it blindly.

ger23961327d ago

Or, you could rent it first and judge It for yourself before purchasing it. I don't understand how people can blindly spend $60 + on a video game, and then be dissapointed when the game doesn't meet their expectations.

Godmars2901327d ago

"Or, you could rent it first"

That's becoming less an option in this era of pre-orders.

ITPython1327d ago

People can hate on the game all they want, but regardless of what some think a TON of people are hopelessly addicted to Destiny, including myself.

Even during breaks at work I whip out the companion app on my smartphone and check things out in the Destiny universe (including checking the gunsmith, so when he finally starts selling rare fusion rifles I can get past that part of my pocket infinity bounty).

Can't wait for the DLC, it's worth the price to me even if just for the exotic and legendary weapons. Everything else is icing on the cake.

BattleTorn1327d ago

I with ya!

I won't go as far to say the DLC is worth the price for weapons alone.

But I'm definitely still addicted. On a bit of a hiatus, due to other games - but Destiny is still by far my favorite release this year. (snubbing Stick of Truth of it's top spot, now that I think of it)

ramiuk11327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

im registerd but sold the game a month after release.

as u wonder round the world u can just see loads of areas that should of been filled with content and they wasnt.
ALso with the price of the dlc I CERTAINLY WONT BE BACK ANY TIME SOON

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ThinkThink1327d ago

I wonder how many are still active players. Last count I heard was from a few weeks back. Curious as to the drop rate each week.

the_mack_attack31327d ago

Activision be laughing right now!

Perjoss1327d ago

I'm not so sure, they might have had a hit with this one, but at what cost? how many of the people that bought Destiny will be buying into the DLC or even Destiny 2? They could have had the next big thing on their hands but as good as the game is it still really feels like content was cut before release. This is not how you build a loyal fanbase.

See Burnout Paradise for how to build a fanbase. Cutting content is not such a bad thing as long as you give it up for free, you give your game free advertising weeks and months after release because tons of gaming sites will be reporting on the free DLC and if you announce it early you keep fans from potentially trading in the game.

Tedakin1327d ago

Doesn't make it good. It's not.

BattleTorn1327d ago

Just as much as you guys proclaiming it a failure online doesn't change that it's not.

S2Killinit1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

whats more important is that its a very fun game. shame on some reviewers trying to bash the game for whatever reason that clearly did not have anything to do with the game.

At above, its interesting that the usual culprits are all jumping on a sales figure article to remind everyone how bad the game is.

Got Milk? I mean... Bias Much?

riverstars861327d ago

Nobody has an agenda, the game just isn't well liked by a lot of people. I agree with these people.

S2Killinit1327d ago

its a bit more than that. IMO. and your statement maybe true about you, but you can't speak for others. Personally, what I'm seeing is a lot of political game reviews, and in the comments, a lot of people who share certain other sentiments (which I won't get into) who unanimously "dislike" Destiny. Just an observation.

Sevir1327d ago

Really, is that why they're is 9.5 million active players!?

Like they said, the gamereally comes into its own after you've completed the main content. That's why people in the drives are returning to play for hours on end. The game is addictive whether you think it lacks content is irrelevant to the grand picture that 9.5 million gamers enjoy the games offering through and through and are playing it 2 month later regardless of its critical reception and your personal dislike which you're very much allowed to have. It's just an unquestioned success and it'll be an even bigger success going forward, this game in its current for is not the grand vision of the game and it will ammount to more as time goes on.

BattleTorn1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

When you see an article related to a game that you dislike, and then you methodically decide to contribute the a conversation about said game, namely to express how widely it isn't liked - that is an agenda.

GrandpaSnake1327d ago

very few people don't like destiny. COD should of got the heat bungie did.I mean here people go off and buy COD AW when ghost came out this same year.....not only that. id say about 40% of people probably dont even finish the campaign and jump straight into MP on COD games.

mochachino1327d ago (Edited 1327d ago )

Does the story suck? Yes

Is the game repetitive? Yes

Is it lacking content? Yes

All reason to give it a mediocre score, BUT

Is the game fun with friends? Yes!

Is the replay value good? Yes!

Is the core gameplay good? Yes!

Do millions of people love it? Yes!

All the reasons to give it a very good score. Destiny got screwed by reviewers due to hype, most of the complaints about Destiny you could be said about Titanfall but that game got a pass for having even less content and no story, and no userbase to even finish the campaign for some.

ramiuk11327d ago

totally agree with you on all those points

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