Are midnight game launches worth it?

Console Monster writes: "For when a new release title comes out there are mostly midnight launches and none are more important than the AAA titles, the eagerness for getting the game before general sale in the morning and getting a head start on other gamers. For me personally, I have attended many of these midnight launches for games and also for the next generation consoles, and at times it is bedlam, especially in supermarkets."

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KiwiViper851293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

There's just something about being surrounded by gamers who care enough to stand in line and are equally as excited as you to get their hands on the game.

Massacred1293d ago

I enjoy them for the passion, people who have a dedication and interest in the title, to spend time waiting in line. Advanced Warfare had a monstrous turn out of lots of different people, and there was a good discussion about how this was a large change from Ghosts.

Jughead34161293d ago

There's just something about getting my much anticipated game at midnight instead of the next day when Gamestop opens at 10AM. Even though, when I get home at 12:30am, I'm starting to get sleepy, and I'm in the bed by 1-2am. It's mostly all about the experience

DivoJones1293d ago

Was extra-nice on the West Coast since we could pick it up at 9pm, hooray for simultaneous release times. They do have a good routine going with the 'finalized receipt and group numbers' system.

I remember back to Halo 2's midnight release, the line at my local mall was so long that it took over an hour to clear, so I didn't get much actual playtime. Now many, many years later I find it's just easier to go the next day.. not worth missing work over.

tgunzz1293d ago

Midnight release is an awesome aspect of the gaming culture... You get to witness gamers at their purist (no console fanboyism). It's just pure excitement, and talk of the game itself (no matter the platforms), along with other welcome topics, and another good way to grow your friend list. I hope retains throughout...

Sharky2311293d ago

I feel the same way! It's great to be around people with the same passion! Even if that's the only thing you and that other person has in common. It's still something! I'm 35 and I go to every midnight launch that I can. There's always something fun and exciting about it. Even if my old ass goes to bed as soon as I get home!

Masterchief_thegoat1293d ago

Yes talking & hyping up your favorite game to people who have the same passion as yourself is worth it.

UnHoly_One1293d ago

No thanks, I'll take my pre-loaded digital version any day. I'm never going back to discs.

GoPanthers9991293d ago

I prefer a 30 minute install to 8 hours downloading. Maybe you have faster internet than the 54mbps, which is the best I can get right now.

UnHoly_One1293d ago

When you can start the download weeks in advance, it really doesn't matter how fast it is.

RosweeSon1293d ago

New hard drive for sir!

Summons751293d ago

You have fun with that introvert

UnHoly_One1293d ago


I didn't switch to digital to avoid people, though, honestly.

BiggerBoss1293d ago

I wouldnt say hes an introvert just because he likes digital. I prefer physical but i HATE gamestop. Everytime i go they try to get me to replace my ps4 with an xbox one. Its pretty irritating

WeAreLegion1293d ago

I love midnight launches. I just wish my friends still lived in town. I worked at GameStop and another local game store collectively for over 7 years, so even the people I don't like talking to feel like talking to me. That gets annoying very quickly.

pompombrum1293d ago

Usually I don't see the point as I usually feel sleepy by the time I get home however I certainly feel like I made the Destiny midnight launch worth while and will almost certainly do so for GTA 5 in a few weeks assuming GAME do one for that.

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