Microsoft Tries to Push FPS Games (and Xbox One) in Japan with FPS Championship on Halo and COD

FPS games aren’t exactly the most popular genre in Japan, even if their appeal has been on a very gradual rise in the past few years. Yet, Microsoft came up with a new way to push the genre, alongside the FPS offering on Xbox One, with the Japanese FPS Championship 2014.

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TheLyonKing1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

Oh microsoft, everyone knows fps is not the Japanese market.

I don't think even japanese market knows what it wants. They dart between eccentric manga inspired games to hardcore rpg like games e.g ff or dragon quest or persona and then the weird like the pigeon dating sim but let's just say fps isn't high on the list.
put a brand new halo or say a rehashed monster hunter the latter will sell and then some.

I wouldn't have wasted my money.

Nykamari1228d ago

You would be suprised, they had armies on MAG when it was online. And they are a group that stayed together. So good luck to MS for trying.

breakpad1228d ago (Edited 1228d ago )

japanese gamers have a taste for quality even if it is odd in some way...good FPS like the first Halo or Counter Strike could have a chance... cheap lame FPS like COD and Halo-sequels have no chance at all

kalkano1228d ago

If Japan gets into FPS', there's no hope for the future of the industry.

Fullmetalevolust1228d ago

I agree, for some reasons that does not bode well with me. I expect Japan to release games westward so that I can play them.
Japanese studios do not need to churn out more FPS's in an already saturated market.

breakpad1228d ago

exactly that ..japan still remain a safe heaven for no FPS (quality) gamers ..i hope they do not change that in future

DJustinUNCHAIND1227d ago

Yeah, we really need more tentacle simulators for the perverts out there.

kalkano1227d ago

If I could take one of your bubbles for immaturity, I would. It's obvious why you only have one.

GameCube1231228d ago

Personally I see it like this: Xbox has a decent amount of strength in the USA, and that's about it. Xbox focuses everything on the USA, and the culture of Xbox mimics that of the USA. To try and appeal to any market outside of the US is going to be impossible, with so many other options that better fit the cultures of other nations. Microsoft should probably just realize that maybe it has a chance in China, but other than that, not many nations are really possible markets to take a hold of

bigpiece1228d ago

how about the UK and Australia? lmao please just stop.

Automatic791228d ago


As long as they keep trying there is no doubt that they have chance. Phil also mentioned that it is important to have Xbox One in Japan for its developers that to me is key.

NeoGamer2321228d ago

I often see these statements...

But, no one seems to substantiate what makes this console only appeal to the US market...

Can someone please specify the facts on what makes this true other than the country sales distribution of the console?

Spikeantestor1228d ago

After that, MS, you can try to sell ice cream to Eskimos. I mean, why not, right?

Yaay4me1228d ago

that might sell better. (; jk

qwerty6761228d ago

well at least they're trying something.

"Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘s qualifying round will be done online on December 13th, while Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare‘s will go down the day after on the 14th."

so what does that mean? only people with xbox ones in japan can participate? thats only out of like 40k people then.

"The prizes awarded to the winners will be a trophy, T-shirts and Xbox gift cards for a value of 50,000 yen (about $440)."

sooo basically this will have a turnout of maybe 20 people half being microsoft employees. they should have made the prizes money a little better, thats basically pocket change. that's not going to entice anyone but hardcore xbox elites to participate.

microsoft you have the right idea per say, just need to execute it better.

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