Guild Wars 2: Echoes of the Past [Pixel Dynamo]

The attack on the Pale Tree has spurred the world’s leaders into action and hardened their resolve. Pixel Dynamo goes hands-on with the latest Living World update and discusses the future of the series.

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ATi_Elite1355d ago

Must stop playing GW2 but I can't. Too much free content.

mattdillahunty1354d ago

i stopped a long time ago and tried to go back recently, but i just couldn't. i think the Living Story/World content is a bad way to bring people back in, because if you're not there right when it's happening then you pretty much miss it. for example, i stopped playing over a year ago, so i missed the stuff about Lion's Arch being destroyed. i got to see the ruins, but i'll never ever be able to experience what actually happened.

it's great for the people who keep playing the game, but it doesn't give anybody a reason to come back if they've missed a lot of content. with something like World of Warcraft, yeah, you have pay for the expansions, but they're there for as long as the game lives on, you can always create a new character and relive them as many times as you want.

when i came back to GW2, it was pretty much the same as i had left it, except Lion's Arch was gone. that gave me no incentive to keep playing. i didn't want the exact same game that i left, i wanted a game that had new content to return to.

user56695101354d ago

I still didn't get the chance to play this game. Not enough time and there's too many games on pc