Outdated Gameplay: The Threat is Real

Gamemoir's Nick shares a recent bad experience with a PS2 horror title.

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pasta_spice1171d ago (Edited 1171d ago )

I wouldn't call Fatal Frame 3's controls an 'unplayable disaster' at all.

That's a bit of an overreaction.

mydyingparadiselost1171d ago

Honestly it sounds to me like the game was doing its job fairly well. Horror games from the PS2 era and back relied on the controls to scare you in conjunction with the game. Part of what makes survival horror a thing is your inability to get away quickly by giving your character slow movements in conjunction with the still, and usually awkward, camera angle. These concepts were used in tons of horror games, from Resident Evil to Silent Hill and Fatal Frame, because it's supposed to add to the atmosphere of the game as you're playing. You have lots of limitations your enemies don't have, and in those limitations is where much of the horror lies.

I don't see the problem here, although I haven't played this iteration of FF I've played the second, which sounds just like this one as far as controls, along with lots of other games of this nature without major issues. I don't think it's bad controls, I think it's just the modern approach to design eschews many of the older aspects and techniques behind game design, which simply makes many of us less familiar with the concepts and, ultimately, not as good at them when going back to older games.