The Division Interview Details The Beta, Graphics and Parity Between Platforms, and Singelplayer

A new interview for Tom Clancy's The Division discusses the beta, graphics downgrades and parity deals, and single-player.

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OculusRift1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

You heard it first from Massive. "We address every console as its own version, we try to stay away the thing where you go for the least common denominator and everyone suffers for it." YESS! I hope the PC and PS4 versions don't get held back. I aside from the graphics, hope this game is truly fleshed out and fun. I'll be playing LBP3 and COD: AW till this game comes out. I already know my PC probably wont be able to handle it, so I'll be getting it on PS4. Hurry up 2015!

Hercules1891354d ago

If the Xbox one version stays the same from the most recent E3 gameplay, which was said to be from Xbox one then there shouldnt be anything to be worried about even with parity.I cant imagine an open world game looking that much better than that.

HeMan761354d ago

agreed.This game is looking mind blowing on next gen.Hope they deliver it with a good gameplay experience.

radler1354d ago

At the last event showing gameplay, the YouTuber Jackfrags said the game was being demo'd on Xbox One and that there was a very clear and noticeable graphical downgrade from the original E3 showing.

Considering this is another overhyped game from Ubisoft, I can't say I'd be surprised if we have another Watch_Dogs on our hands. I definitely don't believe a word coming from the developers, that's for sure. Watch_Dogs was strike 1, Assassins Creed Unity was strike 2, and people who've seen the Division in person say it's yet another bait and switch by Ubisoft.

I can't say I recommend preordering the game, since their deception tactics are wholly gearing around getting people to spend money on something not at all like the final product. Stop getting hyped for this crap.

starchild1354d ago

"Considering this is another overhyped game from Ubisoft"

And you know this how? Most recent Ubisoft games have scored well with reviewers and been successful at retail. Just because you hate their games doesn't mean that the rest of us have to.

Watch Dogs might have had a bit of a downgrade compared to what they were first shooting for, but it still turned out to be a very solid game with great graphics. Some of you really over-exaggerate the whole Watch Dogs thing. It's kind of silly at this point.

And how is AC Unity strike 2? The game isn't even out so we don't know exactly how it will turn out. So far, though, it looks to be a huge improvement over previous games in the series and the graphics are drop dead gorgeous.

denawayne1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Hopefully Xbox won't be held back by the networking stuff.

KarmaV121354d ago

Agreed! I'm tired of nobody using dedicated servers.

IVanSpinal1354d ago

Yep, Dedicated Servers are underrated

Muzikguy1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

Release window?
"2015"... lmao
"Yes that's one big window"

I hope this game does well. I was thinking a lot about what was said about WD during this interview

ThunderPulse1354d ago

"Parity between platforms" Great, ubi is at it again with that BS.

Nolando1354d ago

Hopefully this game can get the story part right as well as the gameplay.

I also hope there is a wide variety of enemies not just the usual thugs.

VP371354d ago

Yeah, I really hope that they don't go for parity between the X1 & PS4. I hope they push for the best textures & frame-rate on the X1.

They have no choice but to push for the highest possible resolution on the PS4, otherwise there will be rioting in the streets.

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The story is too old to be commented.