5 Reasons You Really Need to Buy LittleBigPlanet 3

With the influx of games it's hard to decide what to buy. Here are 5 reasons why LittleBigPlanet 3 might be worth your dollars.

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KiwiViper851384d ago

#1 Because what else are you gonna play?

1383d ago
TheWatercooler1383d ago

Assassins creed unity, Far Cry 4 or call of duty in this month alone. Or was it just your attempt to troll?

Yeah. Looking at your comment history thats what you are.


Kingdomcome2471383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I try to stay out of the muck on this site, but seriously? Every thread I see you in you're trolling. The speck and the beam my friend.
OT:LittleBigPlanet3 looks amazing, but do we need a five reasons to buy article for every game?

MRMagoo1231383d ago

The reason people will buy it is because it has one of the most creative communities on console, LBP 2 had people making FPS games and top down RPGs with lvling up , all this from a game made as a 2.5d platformer, the things people can make in this game makes it an unlimited source of new games, every day there will be something else someone has managed to make that no one thought could even be done. LBP is all about creativity and shines at it endlessly.

I would reply to the first comment but thats gonna be marked as trolling and my comment will go away with [email protected] The PS4 has plenty of games, actually more than the xbone so take your really awful trolling elsewhere.

VsAssassin1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Good point. I was about to reply to his comment. Anyway, I am not planning to get this game anytime soon as I will let the community do awesome levels first before I do. I'll probably buy the PS4 version, too!

Scar-1383d ago

Add in the fact that you get all the levels from one and two. I can't wait only a few more days.

GameCube1231383d ago

I had really hoped for more from the next LBP. Being a fan of the series, I had hoped to see more. While it certainly maintains the charm of the first 2, it doesn't make the jump I would have liked to see. With so many other games releasing, I'm gonna have to pass on this one

WeAreLegion1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

I think you'll see that "jump" in Media Molecule's next game. :) I assure you it will be incredible.

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Yi-Long1383d ago

I agree. Graphically, it just doesn't seem like a big next-gen jump. It just looks a bit better than LBP2 TBH, and although I'm a big fan of the style of Sackboy, I was kinda hoping for more from the PS4 version, in terms of the special effects (water, gas, fumes, fire, etc etc).

Plus I never cared much for the 'floaty' gameplay. I know some don't mind, some do, so that's just a personal issue which some people won't agree with, but I just didn't care much for that part of the gameplay and felt it should have been improved upon.

Also, I loved LBP, I liked LBP2, but to be honest all the DLC-milking that is now associated with this series has really put me off from it. Just look at all the LBP-content they're selling in the PSN-store, and it's just ridiculous.

Just like the Forza series, the DLC-milking has just put me off and I'll only consider buying it once it's either heavily discounted, or they release a 'complete' version.

AgentSmithPS41383d ago

Funny how comments can put your expectations for a game on a roller coaster ride. I'll just be patient until the truth comes out and I know about how much the game is really worth. It's disturbing that so many people will buy a game for $60 then throw another $50 at them for a 'premium' edition that has things the base game should've had (like the new COD's zombie mode if that's true).

Fears aside, I like how different the game is from what I usually play and it will be nice to have puzzles and all that user created content.

lelo2play1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

This game looks like a DLC for LBP2.
I'll pass on this one... maybe when it's much cheaper or wait for the PS+ release.

RedDevils1383d ago

Don't hold a candle for the PS+ release, they didn't do for PS3 I don't see they would do it for Ps4

WeAreLegion1383d ago

I can't wait! I'm a little worried that it won't do well, however, with so many other games releasing that day. :/

Forn1383d ago

Yeah it's been weird because I haven't been able to buy all the new games I want right away this last month or so. I still have to get Shadow of Mordor, Alien Isolation and The Evil Within... Eesh. I will be picking up LBP 3 day one though.

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