Man, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare is Fast

Cory Shultz from For the Love of Gaming writes:

I picked up my copy yesterday, and have been playing it far too much since the disc was inserted into my Xbox One. I absolutely loved the campaign and pretty much played it 7 hours straight. I am really enjoying the new moving mechanics that include the double jumping and dashing mechanics. Its’ a small change that really changes how fast and fluid the game play feels. After I finished the Campaign, I hopped into multiplayer and immediately found out that I hadn’t seen anything in terms of speed yet.

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Dudebro901351d ago

No kidding!

Seriously this game is lighting fast. I almost cant keep up half the time.

seanpitt231351d ago

Yes it might be to fast I cannot count how many times I have been shot in the back. You think how he got there so quick but now people can basically fly its understandable.

Jughead34161351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Yeah, you really have to have your head on a swivel. There's been a few matches where I'd have like 5 kills in the bag. But right as I raise my gun.......BAM!! shot in the freakin back. They spawn you right on top of enemies too. Very fast paced. Not really for noobs. I went from Destiny's Crucible to this. Both are extremely fun, but much different.

Genuine-User1351d ago

@ Judgehead

"you really have to have your head on a swivel"

That cracked me up lol

lipton1011350d ago

I don't know why, but I've actually been telling my friends it's a slower pace. I'm a cod hater historically but I'm loving this game. Best duty since MW2

Saijahn1350d ago

It's not that fast to me honestly. Titanfall was definitely faster and had more maneuverability so cod:aw is slow to me.

medman1350d ago

I haven't touched a Cod since Black Ops, but this one has me it worth the buy??

TheMapleNerd1350d ago

I'm thinking the same, brought every Cod since Mw2, but after Ghost i lost it... And people seem to love this one.
So.. It is worth the buy?

ramiuk11350d ago


i finished story and i really enjoyed it.
went online and its wicked fun and now broinla picked it up i cant wait to smash it evry day.
also looks really good on my 106" projector which im glad about.
back to the online game and its fast,but once u make use of the boosting its easier and i shoot,shoot and turn other way,constantly changing direction and i dont get hit in back much.
but when i was just doing laps of lvl shooting i was always getting shot.
im also seriously loving the traversing the heights and walls with ease.

best cod since MW2 imo

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StrawberryDiesel4201351d ago

That's how it should be, it's a twitchey arcadey FPS game. The speed compliments the gameplay in my opinion.

DirtyLary1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

OG gamers will say its got that Unreal Tournament feel , newer gamres will say its a Titanfall ripoff.

Its just glitched as hell. Combine the air dashing with P2P lag/host advantage and its so frustrating.

USA0071350d ago

I dislike the way they handled lag in this game. Everyone gets the same lag as the guy with the worst connection. Can't wait to play LAN though, that's when it gets real.

Anyone else think an oculus rift or Morpheus would be helpful in this game. The ability to look over your shoulder while aiming in another direction seems like a nice thing to have, as often times the enemies can come from any direction

TheLEGENDofTydo1350d ago

I don't understand why everyone is mentioning so much lag. I prestiged the game 13 hours after it was released, so I have played a lot, and I'm yet to experience any lag issues.

DirtyLary1350d ago

Its P2P of course you have experienced it. You are either just used to it and not acknowledging it or just trolling.

Funantic11351d ago

I like the newest COD. It's the fastest paced FPS out. That's what you call a true twitch shooter.

Utalkin2me1351d ago

Actually, if you have ever played quake or a early unreal game you would disagree. But it seems to be the fastest COD out to date.

creatchee1351d ago

It's definitely faster than other COD's, but coming off of Titanfall, it feels a bit slower.

Kingdomcome2471351d ago

I feel as though Titanfall is faster as well. The TTK in COD is faster, but the building up of speed and momentum while parkouring properly in Titanfall is faster than the sporadic exo boosts in AW.

Ethereal1351d ago

This is one of the reasons why I don't think I will picking it up. I am horrible at running and gunning. Oh well, I'll play the campaign down the road when it's cheaper.

lipton1011350d ago

I'd say try it man, to me it doesn't seem as fast as previous iterations. I'm loving it and I've always been the biggest hater of all things cod. I'd say give it a whirl, if you don't like it the resale value should be near $50 al la craigslist

DirtyLary1350d ago

Ya coming from BF4 game speeds, this is in hyperdrive. I'm getting my ass handed to me. Serious learning curve.

PurpHerbison1350d ago

It's still COD at the end of the day, you will learn quickly that the learning curve was not serious what so ever.

BurntWolfAnkles1350d ago

Same here, been on bf4 for a whole now and haven't played cod since black ops, getting absolutely hammered online. That said I am enjoying the game a lot.

daBUSHwhaka1351d ago

Fix the servers.Soooo laggy

Summons751351d ago

Love how the fanboys are disagreeing with the facts.

bennissimo1351d ago

I've played MP on and off for several hours in a variety of lobbies and have yet to experience any lag. But please, carry on.

Summons751350d ago


Went to a friends hours at 11 and stayed till 3 and watched him get mad because he either couldn't connect to any games, they kicked everyone, or they were so laggy it was unplayable and this is coming from tons of players so please fanboy try to defend your copy/paste game

USA0071350d ago

It's a peer to peer connection, the servers don't host matches, and they're not causing the lag. All servers to my knowledge are just for grouping players together into matches, not actually hosting them.

If your friend is having that much of an issue with lag, I would think he is having an issue with his internet connection. I'd suggest making sure the correct ports are forwarded on his router, as not having that can cause a lot of connection issues. He should have an open NAT type, and a wired connection(not wifi). I've found most people with more than 1 console don't have their router set up correctly, so that the console that was connected to the router second will experience lag also. Just trying to help!

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lipton1011350d ago

0 lag here. 25mbps connection though. Maybe you should pay an extra $10 /month for faster internetz

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