This War of Mine: More realistic than Call of Duty?

Gameverse - Like Call of Duty, This War of Mine aims to create realistic war experience. However, where Call of Duty recreates combat’s technical side, This War of Mine emphasizes emotions. In This War of Mine, you’re not trying to kill the bad guys. You’re just trying to stay alive.

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wannabe gamer1231d ago (Edited 1231d ago )

Every other game about (real) war = more realistic than CoD

Spotie1231d ago

I'm trying to figure out what technical side of war CoD recreates.

Oh, the quick-scoping. I forgot.

wannabe gamer1230d ago

dont forget the wild flailing while jumping off a building and then shooting at random and getting a kill..,,,, i mean that takes a lot of skill

oh gawd i just threw up