Why aren’t more PlayStation 4 games making better use of the DS4 touchpad?

The touchpad feature on the DualShock 4 controller remains underused, both by games and the OS.

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Neonridr1056d ago

Because devs don't want to shoehorn in something that is either pointless or doesn't fit the context of the game perhaps?

Palitera1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

I doubt many games will top what Diablo 3 did with the touch pad, turning it into two buttons.


Because it is mostly worthless and a big waste of money.

TBH, I understand that they had to put it to calm down their enormous fear of mobile games (allowing the touch mechanics to be replicated in the PS4 for, say, Angry Birds), but it is mostly useless for AAA gaming and actually it usually comes as a bad or dumb interference on the gameplay.

Also, being a touch pad instead of touch screen limits the hell out of the possible funcionalities.

I seriously hope devs don't even try to do something with this and just let it there as a "select" button. Ok, some of them could do nice minigames, for stealing or lockpicking, for instance, but we know the reality... For each mechanic done right, a hundred would be there pissing us off.

BitbyDeath1055d ago

RTS/Sim games would work well with it as it pretty much replaces the function of a mouse.

thereapersson1055d ago

Except with the 2.0 update, they updated to allow the use of mouse and keyboard.

Volkama1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I cannot imagine a good RTS control scheme that makes any serious use of the touchpad. Using it as a direct replacement for mouse functions sounds awful :|

But it's no big problem having a touchpad there. It doesn't feel like Sony had to make any significant concessions to include it, so there isn't really anything to complain about.

BiggerBoss1055d ago

I only really expect 1st party devs to make real use of the touchpad, like in shadow fall and infamous. If done right, it can add some really neat things to gameplay. Done wrong however, and it just seems downright gimmicky

kparks1055d ago

The touch pad in shadow fall was a pain in the ass to use.

OB1Biker1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

I enjoyed using the touchpad in Watchdogs to move around the map and select a way point just by 1 tap on it and also in Sniper Elite had nice immersive loading noise touch with use of the speaker. A while back I found out PS4Daily doesn't sound like a serious site to me anyway. More like a trolling site

Gaming247allday1055d ago

The Touchpad is nice at first, but as time goes on i feel it gets dull

Muzikguy1055d ago

I'd rather games not use the touchpad either. Just let me use buttons, much faster and more accurate. I wouldn't miss the thing if it were gone tbh

Insomnia_841055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

There have been many times while I'm playing a game and think "using the TouchPad here would've been nice." or "Implementing the speakers here would've been nice." also "Using the light bar here would've been very intuitive." and "Using the sixaxis here would've been cool."

I call the developers lazy in these cases. First party games have made clear examples of how all these controller features can be implemented right.

RosweeSon1055d ago

That and the touchscreen is pretty lame either go whole hog Wii U style or don't bother, I love my ps4 and the dual shock but just feels a bit bolted on, I'm sure after playing tearaway on vita that I'll be proved completely wrong on this stance once the ps4 version hits (unfolded?) but yeah as it stands all a bit meh! Can't get everything right tho ;) fantastic console just leave the funky stuff to Nintendo as i always buy them anyway.

GrimbleGromble1055d ago

I would like to see it's use as this; Music control.
Swipe left restart song.
Swipe right next song.
Swipe up to play, down to pause.
Rotate clockwise volume up counter volume down.

madmonkey011055d ago

i sometimes use it as a mouse on my pc, when gamin with the DS4 on pc via TV

moldybread1055d ago

we don't need crap kinect or wii functions shoehorned in. if it makes sense or adds to the experience then go for it

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gangsta_red1056d ago (Edited 1056d ago )

It's a gimmick that's why. I mean if even Nintendo can't find good and interesting use for a second screen on their own controller what makes Sony think they could make a regular touch pad work for theirs.

Oh yea, no doubt that is an excellent feature for the gamepad. But other than that we haven't seen much out of it gameplay wise. I mean we even have some Nintendo games that don't even use it during gameplay.

I think the touch pad was a knee jerk reaction to have when phone games were getting all popular. Angry Birds, Infinity Blade and other games like that. Sony was on this PR "<3 indies" kick and trying to snatch lure every smaller game possible for the PS4, even ones that were on iPhone and Android and this touch pad was a great way at creating the touch screen experience.

That's great and all ...but why not just use the left thumbstick to move a cursor?

Neonridr1056d ago

at least you can play the game on the screen.. so there is always that functionality of it.

but a touch pad? I guess if there is a scene in a game where you need to do a fingerprint scan or something.. ;)

IRetrouk1056d ago

It works for maps and inventory and stuff like that, its not the most amazing thing ever but when used right it can be seen as a plus.

Palitera1056d ago

It has a bad sensibility and movement tracking, so it works for what you have said, but doesnt work well.

I just hope it dies before it grows.

IRetrouk1055d ago

Has worked fine when i have had to use it, im not a massive fan i just dont mind it.

Neonridr1056d ago

Zombi U had some cool features with it. And games like Rayman or Wonderful 101 at least force the player to utilize the screen separately from time to time.

Honestly Fatal Frame has one of the best applications for the gamepad - I can only hope they localize it.

LOL_WUT1055d ago

Other than that it's mostly used as an inventory/second screen nothing really ground breaking ;)

Neonridr1055d ago

@LOL_WUT - yeah, unfortunately a lot of developers just placed a map or inventory there which did little to enhance the game. A second screen is still a god send to me since I have to battle for the TV sometimes.

PrinceOfAllSaiyans1055d ago (Edited 1055d ago )

Dude all you do is bash Sony all day on N4G. I recognize that garbage power ranger in your avi.

OT- Not much else you can do with it that hasn't been done. It's best used as an extra button, but I liked the way Sucker Punch used it in ISS it didn't feel gimmicky.

ChickenOfTheCaveMan1055d ago

Sorry, not a gimmick, it's a tool.
That's like saying why games under use the L3.

We're also not even a year in the PS4, maybe some games will find great ways to use it. Also, don't count 3rd party games to use it and it's early to have a ton of 1st party games.

-Foxtrot1055d ago

It's a

I don't see how it's a gimmick, it's not like they are making it all about the touch pad and making it the killer feature on why you should get a PS4

Edward751055d ago


It is actually one of the definitions of the word.

n. noun
A device employed to cheat, deceive, or trick, especially a mechanism for the secret and dishonest control of gambling apparatus.
An innovative or unusual mechanical contrivance; a gadget.
An innovative stratagem or scheme employed especially to promote a project.
an advertising gimmick.

So I'd say it's the second definition! Good or bad, it is a gimmick!

ger23961055d ago

It works pretty good on shadow of mordor, they also make good use of the speaker on the controller.

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IWentBrokeForGaming1055d ago

I'm just glad it don't limit my games/consoles performance by it being there! I'm excited to see what devs do with what the DS4 is capable of! From the touchpad, the built in speaker, and motion... It's pretty cool! The most rad thing I've done with DS4 outside of the next gen playroom stuff... Was using the controller as a spray paint can in Second Son! Was totally unique & next gen use of the controller! I found that rad!

Muzikguy1055d ago

Completely agree on not taking away from the performance by it being there! That's one very big plus. Maybe beside the battery life of the controller itself. I'm not big on the touchpad and wouldn't mind a controller without one, but it's stop ok to be there. There have been multiple attempts at using it. I haven't played many games that do though. IMO that speaker, that could definitely be gone and I wouldn't miss it. I shut it off I found it so loud and annoying

Agent_hitman1055d ago

Well, Sony isn't forcing devs to use the touch pad anyway. Its dev freedom of choice as Sony stated in 2013.

MoreRPG1055d ago

Playstation move all over again

madmonkey011055d ago

move was pretty cool, just again a lack of killer games for it.

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