Show Me Your Moves: An Idiot's Guide to Taunting

Austin Flynn writes: "To become competent at a fighting game, it takes hours upon hours of hard work, dedication, patience, study and, above all else, miniature custom-made ice packs for your not-yet calloused thumbs. After all, in order to brawl with the best, competitive players are expected to learn frame-perfect combos, pixel-precise spacing techniques, character-specific damage set ups, and how the fighter they're controlling matches up against the rest of the roster (which ranges from ultra-"spammy" projectile practitioners to uber-aggressive rushdown fighters). It's a tough road to become the top dog of a fighting game, but no technique or play style is more difficult to master than the subtle art of taunting.

Not only does this sacred form of humiliation enrage opponents and allow passage to a fighter's most precious weapon; the mind, but it also builds hype for the underdog, gets the crowd going and forces a game's imminent conclusion – the aftershocks of which create rivalries that will last a lifetime."

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