Performance Analysis: Multiplayer on Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

Xbox One static at 1360x1080, while PS4 locks at full 1080p - but how's the frame-rate?

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Edvin19841234d ago

I am loving this game it's been a blast!!!!

Neonridr1234d ago

good to hear. Ghosts was a little disappointing, and I am on the fence about purchasing this one..

Might have to give it a go, seems like it is getting good reviews that are genuine.

GameNameFame1234d ago

From the sound of it, it seems like they really tried hard to make this 1080P.

I mean they even made resolution 1360X1080, so it has 1080 at the end.

Goes to show the limitation of X1's console despite the updates and power unlocks.

Gameboy451234d ago

Ghost has better graphics and it's more smoother but this advance warfare has better gameplay

Edvin19841233d ago

I have ghosts didn't get into it as much, but AW has been a blast from the menus to end credits and MP has been a riot so far. Highly recommended not sure about which version you should get I got it on X11 it looks and plays great no slowdowns I can speak of.

Kidmyst1233d ago

Neon, so far it's my favorite COD since MW2. Sledgehammer has done very good with it.

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TheWatercooler1234d ago

Damn. Another PS4 win.

To sum the article. Xbone looks blurry with it's low resolution. PS4 operating at crisp 1080p while maintaining pretty much a constant 60fps with only two dips from their tests.

Letthewookiewin1234d ago

Crisp 1080. Thank you very much. Just like I said, what ever was happening on X1 at 1080 was way worse than what the PS4 is doing, otherwise they would have left the res alone on X1. I'm guessing it dipped under 30 at 1080 at the spots were the variable resolution kicks in.

StrangerX1234d ago

I think u need to read the review again. The xbox has the best performance even on MP but slight lower res. And for fps the steady frame is a must. Either way is a win for both since they were very much optimized for MP. 👍

N4g_null1233d ago

It looks like they made both parties happy. The ps4 guys get some more pixels and xbone gets better framerates plus I'm loving that aw console. It looks sweet. Almost bought one yesterday. I must resist! LoL. So if you like online then xbone is the way to go if you need your console validation go ps4.

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u got owned1234d ago

Both version are great with PS$ multiplayer having slightly better resolution. Good job from Sledgehammer Games.

dcj05241234d ago

X1 has a steadier framerate

retro_1233d ago

PS4 has the full fat 1080p, maintains 60fps really well and no screen tear. XB1 version does it's best with what it has to work with but here is a game that shows the performance difference between the two consoles.

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supes_241233d ago


Same here. I haven't played a CoD since Blops and I played some MP last night and it was fun as heck. It brings me back to the Modern Warfare game. I bought it on X1 because that's where I prefer my shooters.

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