Just Cause 3 Xbox One Screenshots Leaked

Chr0me writes: "So today here at xbox underground we got our hands on some exclusive Just Cause 3 Xbox One screenshots.

These are legitimate screenshots taken from a debug build of the game on Xbox one."

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vishmarx1351d ago

one of the most fun games last gen!

MurDocINC1351d ago

Isn't Avalanche Studios suppose to be working on Mad Max?

yess1350d ago

@ MurDocINC

Avalanche has two studios, one in the US and one in Sweden, they have expanded a lot.

So they are working on more than one game.

guitarded771350d ago

Micro-transaction? I hope this isn't true.

WildArmed1350d ago

Agreed! I love JC1, and JC2 just blew away all the open world games. So much fun, so much to do. DESTRUCTTIOONNN

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-Foxtrot1351d ago

"It won’t have a…traditional release though.

Let’s just say it may not come out in one piece."

...God no :|

This gives me a bad feeling

They better not screw this up with how long people have been waiting for it

jb2271351d ago

Are they possibly hinting at an Xbox One exclusivity there? I sure hope not, timed or otherwise…I was a big fan of the second game, and as cool as Mad Max could turn out, I'd personally rather have the next Just Cause installment. I'm kinda tired already of hearing about Microsoft stealing franchises from the masses instead of creating their own, if this one is added to that newly forming pile, it'll be pretty telling that those practices will remain their modus operandi moving forward.

Braid1351d ago


Seems more like to me that it'll be some kind of an episodic title, but who knows what they're up to.

Mustang300C20121351d ago

I can't wait if this is true. Loved the second game.

Nigma1350d ago

Guys first be sure its not fake!!!

killer4fun531350d ago

NO,have you seen the screenshots?

XanderZane1350d ago

Screenies look pretty good. I think I've only owned the first game. Don't think I bought the sequel. May have to go back and check through my 100's of games to find out.

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purp13m0nk3y1350d ago

Hells yea it was fun. I still play it from time to time on my PC. Just good mindless mayhem!

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moegooner881351d ago

Controls in JC2 were awful, ruined it for me.

WeAreLegion1351d ago

Play it with a controller. Much easier.

purp13m0nk3y1350d ago

I played like 100hrs with a mouse and keyboard. Honestly don't remember ever having issues?!

Plagasx1351d ago

Just Cause 2 was some of the most fun I have ever had in a video game..

Please god don't ruin Just Cause 3!

thereapersson1350d ago

It'll go from open-world sandbox to linear with set pieces akin to Call of Doodie.

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