GTA V PS4 Needs 44.9 GB of Free Space

It's been confirmed that GTA V on the Playstation 4 needs a chunky 44.9GB of free hard drive space.

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Cra2yey31352d ago

Sheesh, GTA makes sense but not something like nba 2k14...

Orbilator1352d ago

I just glad I slipped a 1tb hybrid in at the start. Phew

decrypt1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

At this rate even 1tb wont be enough.

I have 2 TB as gaming drive on my PC. I am thinking of getting something larger.

An upgrade to 4-5TB hard drive is in order now.

steven83r1351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

I also have 1tb and it's more than enough. By the time you fill it up with games you could go back and remove some of the older ones. GTA5 is huge but average is 20gb. You would have almost 40 games on your HDD to fill up the 1TB. Although that is for installs not full game downloads. I prefer physical copy anyway.

user56695101351d ago (Edited 1351d ago )

Damn spending money for hard drive space for consoles sound stupid. Ain't the point of consoles is to simply plug and play not to buy expensive attachments just to get the most out of them. Now I have to buy HDD, USB to even listen to music, online sub just to play the other half of a game they didn't even make when I already paid for it. Gotta love the nickel and diming topped with contradictions. What's the point of bluray again. It sounds like the whole game.

All I hear is how they are going to buy more stuff for their consoles so it can be more convenient. Sounds like y'all made of money. Funny thing I think I know who consoles are convenient for. A hint: its not the customers. But hey I got like 5tb on pc... Wait. PC lol

steven83r1351d ago

You really don't see how you sound like a hypocrite do you haha. So your PC came with 5TB from Factory? No. You either selected it when building or upgraded it later. So you are no different than console gamers who upgrade their drives.

hkgamer1351d ago

point of blu ray is to store more data.
usb to listen to music is stupid but everyone owns one
buying hdd is not neccesary, just for people who want to
hdd or usb is not nickel and diming when the domoany doesnt make any money from that.
online sub for other half of game? care to explain.

so when you building a pc, is buying a cooler nickel and diming? how bout buying an extra hdd? or buying that extra graphics card.

why the hell did i waste time replying to a troll

RosweeSon1351d ago

Its all those sweaty balls.

madmonkey011351d ago

so true, luckily installing and uninstalling is quite fast on ps4

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Illusive_Man1352d ago

Geesh all these 50GB+ games are going to rip a hole into my new 500gb external. I'm already at 89% capacity on the internal drive.

I_am_Batman1352d ago (Edited 1352d ago )

Well you could always delete some older games that you aren't playing right now unless you get most of your games digitally and don't want to redownload them.

So far that works out for me. I'll wait until I can have a meaningful upgrade (at least 4TB) so that it lasts for the rest of the generation.

SoapShoes1352d ago

I got a 1.5TB HDD but it's filling up fast, only 689gb left. Might get a 2TB HDD and start all over. Hopefully they start releasing 3TB 2.5in HDDs soon.

medman1352d ago

Good gawd man!! Good gawd!!

Sly-Lupin1352d ago

Funny how so many people were complaining about mandatory installs for some games last gen, but now no one is bothered by mandatory installs for EVERY game.

Ethereal1351d ago

Well, they are hardly noticeable on the PS4. In the game in a matter of minutes. I am also understanding of modern game design and it requires massive amounts of space for high res textures.

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