Anticipating Tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct

This morning, Nintendo announced a Nintendo Direct where they will “share updates on upcoming Wii U and Nintendo 3DS titles.” Like most Nintendo Directs, this one was sprung on us barely 24 hours before it begins to broadcast, leaving us only one day to speculate and build hype. That said, it’s possible we shouldn't be building too much hype, in this case. Yet it’s a Nintendo Direct – we rarely have any idea what kind of information we’re getting until we watch the actual presentation. So what are the possibilities?

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shaw981300d ago

A metroid debut is E3 worthy, not a direct worthy of "upcoming games." :p

wonderfulmonkeyman1300d ago

That's for Nintendo to decide.
For all we know, they've been keeping it under wraps until right about now, hoping to spring it upon us during the holidays as a contender against other games scheduled for near Christmas.

Moonman1300d ago (Edited 1300d ago )

I want a HD re-master of Super Mario Sunshine or Luigi's Mansion. I wished that even before E3. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze with a Mario Double-Cherry power-up on top??

shaw981300d ago

I like these sudden Nintendo directs. They always make the day worth moving to the next day.

Summons751300d ago

They really need to bring up the SMT X FE again, starting to feel it's fallen into vaporware status since Hyrule Warriors was announced during the same direct and was released while we have had no word of this dream title.

I'm expecting some heavy announcements for next year including that, Metriod WiiU, more about Star Fox WiiU, and the S3DS western release date.

Concertoine1300d ago

Hyrule warriors was announced in Feb. 2014

SMT x FE was announced Jan 2013

The only reason it was announced i think was to show they were working with third parties. The trailer even just plain says "in development" with no hint of a release.

JazBear1300d ago

Yoshi world , captain toad,
Hopefully fire emblem x shin megami
That's my predictions from wii u

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The story is too old to be commented.