It’s Time to Get Rid of QTEs

Technology Tell writes, "There’s a moment in Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare that was doomed to be razzed on the Internet in perpetuity right from its conception. You’re at a funeral, it’s a sad moment and actually a pretty well-done emotional beat, for this series. Then, the QTE (quick-time event) happens. You’re asked to “hold X to pay your respects.” Really, Sledgehammer?"

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ashen1221263d ago

devs just have to do QTEs right like in god of war

SpiralTear1263d ago

Eh...God of War's got tiresome after a while. If there were less enemies that used them, I'd buy that, but overall, there were too many.

ashen1221263d ago

well everyone has an opinion! looks like you and I just have different ones

BiggerBoss1263d ago

I disagree entirely. GOW's qte's were flat out awesome at times. Other games have also made good use of QTE, but some have also made very BAD use of them lol.

The AW funeral example isnt even really a QTE, more like just a button prompt

Malice-Flare1263d ago

QTEs are good when done correctly. a test of reactions times when done well. frame-counting is a form of QTE, just with no prompts...

ColeMacGrath1263d ago

Nah, QTE should still be around, it's only good if it's implemented well at the right time, so it's only a matter of balance. I loved the QTEs in Tomb Raider Legend.

Sonital1263d ago

Just to be clear, is this article saying we need to "Push X" to remove QTEs from games? If so, I'm all for pushing X.

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