Dragon Age: Inquisition – ramping up player choice, not the DLC production line

Dragon Age: Inquisition has been designed to enable players to choose the experience they want to have, not to provide a platform for churning out money-making add-ons.

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AgentSmithPS41380d ago

They're saying all the right things so I hope that's how it really turns out. I liked the info about the skill trees and how there's many options for your party NPC's AI. But I do wonder if it's possible to make an attractive female with their character editor, since only about one of the ones they've shown are ;).

joab7771380d ago

I hope so.

This is the exact Lind of game that dlc is good for. But they have the perfect opportunity to take the high ground. Let us play the hell out of it, and down the road sell us some fleshed out story content like origins. Throw in some multi add on and we will be happy. And any free dlc is great.

Thinking of Destiny, I have no issue with dlc or it being ripped from the game. It's an mmo and content should be paced. We hate subs so they sell dlc. But, the 1st dlc should have been free. Thats a given and would have been great to get ppl back into the grind.

Dragon Age is my most looked forward to game of 2014 and it will put Bioware back at the top. I hope they also get the dlc thing under wraps.

pompombrum1380d ago

Wait what, a game with EA's stench all over it and they don't plan on milking it? Whoever at Bioware deals with the EA's upper management need to pass on some advice to all the other great studios getting ruined by EA's greed.

--bienio--1380d ago

Wow thx thats so kind:D I stil not buy this game in day one..maybe on sale we see.

osprey191380d ago

Someone give bioware a cookie. Able to work with ea and not drown us in dlc.

arkard1380d ago

Must have learned something after the day 1 extra character dlc in Mass Effect 3.

Roccetarius1380d ago

They're just going to release it a week after launch instead. They may be saying all the right things for some people, but don't trust them.

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