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Eonjay1383d ago

Not bad. I'll take it :)

TomShoe1383d ago

Binding of Isaac + Frozen Synapse, excellent :3


mikeslemonade1383d ago

Wow that's good for us that they tell us what's coming in the next few months.

Why o why1383d ago

Im surprised they've let people know so far ahead.. that could of potentially stemmed the sales for the whole month prior. Good for me personally as i already purchased 1st light and had no intention of buying injustice

guitarded771383d ago

I just wish they'd spread out the releases over the course of the month like they used to. Felt good getting something every week.

Travis37081383d ago

Not bad? that's fking awesome!!!!! we finally getting some AAA games!!!!!!

Volkama1383d ago

I'm as happy as the next guy that we're getting full retail games included, but I think we might be stretching the definition of AAA a little here?

KUV19771383d ago

Nope, Injustice and inFamous are both definately Triple A.

I_am_Batman1383d ago

Nice. Looking foreward to Injustice and The Swapper. Unfortuately I already have First Light. Secret Ponchos could be fun as well.

dantesparda1383d ago

Or is it "fortunately" you have First Light. See what I did there?

Hereiamhereibe21382d ago

Im bumbed out, i got infamous FL and injustice already damn it!

XanderZane1383d ago

Yeah, that's nice. I don't have Injustice or Infamous: First Light, so I'll take those for FREE. Good to see Sony getting back to quality games and not all that Indie crap.

illAmpRefugee1383d ago

I only have ps4 and i dont see the point in downloading the free games this month they dont interest me plus i wanna save the space on my hardrive. Seriously i got the ps4 in sept and the only 3 free downloads i felt were enjoyabble were dust, velocity and pix the cat. U early ps4 adopters r lucky u got resogun

GrimbleGromble1383d ago

Just click the add to library button. Maybe someday you will download then.

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Axonometri1383d ago

The coming preview news from EU is great. November matches NA. Wonder what will match in December and January?

GameDev11383d ago

Hell yea, tlougtou was right

This makes me happy

tlougotg1383d ago

Yeah you and i both, idk i loved Infamous and always wanted to play Injustice!

moegooner881383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Just bought Infamous LL 20 mins ago sniff, sniff.

DarkLordMalik1383d ago

I bought it at launch, never managed to play it. Now it is coming for free :(


AgentSmithPS41383d ago

I just read that as #PlayStationSinusProblems
I blame the "sniff, sniff" comment above and not having eaten in a long time.

I'm glad that Steamworld Dig is on the list (digging for treasure can be fun) and Issac looks freaky and people say good things about it.

CoryHG1383d ago

why would you buy something and not play it? I have an idea, buy me something, atleast it'll be used.

TimeSkipLuffy1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

the price you pay if you can't wait :D
I pay the price with Justice T__T Got it cheap though ^^

At least you own it and if you decide not to have PS+ anymore you can still play it ^^

Volkama1383d ago

Ha I bought it with my PS4 and haven't even got as far as launching it yet, because I figured I should finish Second Son first.

Oh well, not the first time I've wasted money and certainly won't be the last.

uth111383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Now will people FINALLY stop whining about "no free AAA games" for PS4?

Or will they whine because they have to wait another month or two?

moegooner881383d ago

I already started whining in the comment above you about the fact that I just bought the games coming to Plus lol.

uth111383d ago

Haha, well I can't blame you for feeling that way :)
I've been wanting to buy First Light too, but my procrastination is paying off this time :)

RedDevils1383d ago

I was expecting Infamous to be free on Plus and hold off to buying anything relate to infamous, and I was right lol

SoapShoes1383d ago

They'll find something to complain about. :[

Death1383d ago

I'm extremely happy with this announcement. I'm on my way to pick up a subscription card now.

Imalwaysright1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Ahh yes, when asking for better on a paid service = whining. The gaming community never ceases to amaze me with its low standards.

IIFloodyII1383d ago

Same here, but replace low standards with entitlement.

I_am_Batman1383d ago

When the paid service already has great value, yes you could call it whining.

BlackTar1871383d ago

lol complaining about games that are a perk is just that whining.

and Flood nailed your type ENTITLED

Imalwaysright1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

@ Everyone that replied.

Why don't you guys go ask Sony not to put AAA games on PS plus then? Don't want entitled gamers like me being happy to see "free" AAA games on paid services right? I'm sure that you guys are going to keep fighting the good fight and not download these AAA games and play them for free on your PS4.

@ Blacktar Bullshit. There are many gamers that don't mind paying for the service because of those "perks". I have been coming here for 7 years and countless times I've seen many PS fans (me included) calling Live a rip-off and I'm sure that many wouldn't be happy having to play for Plus if those "perks" weren't part of the service.

uth111383d ago

It's not that we're against it, but it was pretty obvious that Sony wouldn't give out AAA games that were less than a year old.

And they have given away some great games this year. Yet every month it's the same "where are the free AAA games??"

BlackTar1871383d ago

So, the truth is with or without the "Perks" you would still have to pay for PSN MP. We have no option there so getting free games is the "Perk" regardless if they gave them out or not most people would still be paying for the service like they do live. But it is entitled to expect AAA games to be released when they haven't even completed their sales cycle. Comparing the amount of stuff you got on ps3 after 5yrs of releases to a psn that is less then a year old is not a good way to judge the offering. It's unfair and makes little sense.

The truth is you do sound entitled.

Why o why1383d ago

Dude youve been here since 2007........please direct me to any comment where you were asking for games other that toyota yaris racer or whatever it was.... I'm not even asking for you to show me your aaa seriously

Baka-akaB1383d ago

Well it is whining when it seems actually get an AAA retail fighting game less that a year old (well the ps4 port was) . I dont like the game but it's still a relevant release of a major game finally coming on ps4 instead of "just" indies

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IIFloodyII1383d ago

They'll probably go back to the "you're just renting them" arguments.

LightofDarkness1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Couldn't go a day without making incendiary comments, eh? Speaking of whining and complaining, im sure there's a PC gaming/4k article somewhere that you can go call some kettles black in.

I'm glad to see they're finally putting some value into PS Plus again, after almost a year of lacklustre offerings. After the Driveclub fiasco, they pretty much had to. Let's hope it extends beyond January and that this is a sign that Sony are going to focus on bringing better value to their customers again.

Why o why1383d ago

I think a huge part of the higher quality being scarce is that we base our opinions on what ps+ was like. Some of us have forgotten ps+ arrived mid gen or after meaning the pool of games for sony to gift was far greater than what it would of been had it arrived in year 1. I'm surprised people haven't taken this into account.

I'm glad they'll be upping the quality. I just wasnt too expectant for the reason I mentioned.

Sevir1383d ago

PS+ came to PS3 5 years ago... And it offerings when it launch was hardly spectacular by any stretch, in year 2 it picked up as their service extended from just first party games to 3rd party and indie, simply put carrying on like PS+ on PS4 should have practically brand new games is silly, for the most part the rule for them is small budget games and games that have had a shelf life of 9 months or greater on market are considered for the monthly promotion.

PS4 will have been on sale for 1 year on the 15th. Expecting content for a service in its infancy compared to a service on a platform with a 4 year head start is just stupid. People really need to think and look back.

Neonridr1383d ago

that all depends on whether these AAA releases are being offered as a staple now or whether they are giving us these because of the Driveclub, 2.0 firmware fiascos that have been going on...

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