Call of Duty's single-player campaigns are selfish, decadent, and way too much fun

The Call of Duty single-player campaigns trade in a currency that should be antithetical to "good" game design. There is little if any room for experimentation and creativity in how you tackle situations. You're merely funneled from one loud, garish shooting gallery to the next.

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joab7771379d ago

It used to be fun. Maybe I am getting older but it just isn't anymore.

I would prefer at the very least, a hardcore campaign mode in which they don't tell u everything u have to do, u don't have to follow the follow guy everywhere, there is exploration etc.

Yeah, the set pieces are great etc. But when I upgrade, let me use it all, or choose what I bring and decide what I use to tackle the situation.

Maybe that's just a different game, and we all know it's worked so far...but, for me, even being much better than it has been recently isn't near enough anymore.

Gameboy451379d ago

If your 30+ then yeah the inner gaming glow dies down unless something real crazy good comes out

fei-hung1379d ago

Most people don't care about the sp. Most my friends that play cod, bf or even more recently destiny only played the mp. With destiny they had to make an exception and play the story to get their hands on more xp, unlocking strikes etfor loot.

I think people that like proper campaigns not just flashy 4-5hr Michael Bay fests end up buying into Far Cry and the like. COD is essentially a £50 purchase for the mp.

madmonkey011379d ago

i dont play online, hence i dont bother with call of duty as the single player is normally given less priority, but the new one has a good campaign i wouldn't be averse to picking it up.

desertpunk861379d ago

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