CVG - Hands-on with GTA V PS4: Rail guns, FPS mode, and more

Daniel Dawkins writes: Before you ask, it looks amazing. Magical, even. At times, with neon blazing over the storm-sodden Vinewood streets, puddles dancing with rain splats - as the full spectrum of PS4 particle effects and lighting coalesce - it looks like a tiny miracle: easily the best-looking new-gen game yet. At others, it's 'merely' impeccably high-res and comfortably familiar.

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Massacred1384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )


Again just 3 years ago R* stated that they would not do First Person games,

why the sudden change of heart?

scark921384d ago

Why not? It is only a camera change..

Massacred1384d ago

Allow me to answer your question with another.
How many people play through the Elder Scrolls in Third Person?

Septic1383d ago


"How many people play through the Elder Scrolls in Third Person?"

Have YOU played Elder Scrolls? Are you really comparing the third person mode of that game to this??! GTA 5 was a third person game. They add a FPS camera mode as a bonus and now people whinge about that and equate it to some sort of back-tracking?

Rockstar said they wouldn't do FPS games in the vein of the countless clones that riddled the market. They never said they would have a blanket embargo on the first person perspective ADDED to a wholly THIRD PERSON game.


GarrusVakarian1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

It's not just a camera change; it's an entirely new mode that they've implemented. They given it an FoV slider, multiple control schemes to make it feel more like a traditional FPS, and over 3000 new animations.

This isn't just a case of putting a camera view in front of your character's eyes and calling it an FP mode.


That was 3 years ago, though. More recently they said they didn't implement an FP mode into the last-gen versions of the game because they were too busy.

"We’ve always been in interested in it, but it’s never really been an option for us,” said animation director Rob Nelson, discussing why the first-person view was not included in the PS3 and 360 launch. “I don’t think we could’ve put it in the [last-gen version] because we were too busy making the game."

theXtReMe11384d ago (Edited 1384d ago )

I think they knew if they went first person with this, they would kind of corner the market. Not only do they have a crazy good third person, Hollywood-like action game... Now they have one hell of a first person shooter, something that competes with every game on the market. Call Of Duty, Battlefield Hardline, even Ace Combat, Forza Horizon, ATV and Skyrim(in a modern way).

The crazy thing is, competing with those games is only a download away. They can go crazy with DLC, making games within the game that compete with any game on the market at a one on one level. If they want to go military, they can create a Call Of Duty killer. Theyve already beat Hardline to the punch with GTA Online. Especially with the mission creator.

Once heists come about, this game is truly not going to have any competition. It looks better than anything that has been released and will be released at least for the upcoming six months or so. The Witcher 3 is the only game that is graphically on the same level. Especially for an open world title. Which is where GTA 5s strengths lie. It's an open world title, something it has over COD and even Hardline, as the world is larger and more diverse. Not to mention, it feels alive.

I just think that Rockstar set themselves up with a game that is going to be hard to compete with throughout the entire generation, if they keep up on trends with DLC and new single player missions that pull away from the characters in the main story and compete with other games. I can't wait to see what they come up with. Hopefully they will listen to the community and design missions and possibly new stories around what their fans want. I also hope they upgrade The mission creator, to include single player and keep adding new content that allows players to expand upon the world that is already there, with architecture and design of their own. Possibly give them a large island to work with, out in the water, and let people go nuts with their own open world imaginations.

Septic1383d ago

Mate its an added camera mode to the game! Did you not play the game last year? Has this now suddenly become a FPS?

16bitNutritionist1383d ago

You really need to sort your life out....

user56695101383d ago

ORift that's why. Be prepared to play GtaV in VR at 4K.

spicelicka1383d ago

what kinda comment is this

raWfodog1383d ago

I wouldn't call 3 years ago "a sudden change". Plus, developers often change their direction as tech improves.

As Lukas pointed out from that quote, a Rockstar dev said that it was something that they've always been interested in, just probably not at that time.

The real question is why does it seem like a big issue to you? You don't think the FPS video that they've shown looks good? Plus, you don't have to play it that way if you don't want.

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theXtReMe11384d ago

Thanks for a great hands on. I enjoyed it a lot. Can't wait to play this game.

loloonline1375d ago

Every single year, i am asking my self that "what is the final development of GTA series?", I am not need its development has end, but imagining :)