Xbox One’s Recorded Game Clips Now Properly Embed on Twitter; Coming With November Update

If you like sharing your game clips with the world and you own an Xbox One, Microsoft finally made things easier.

The November update adds the ability to share your recorded game clips directly to Twitter, but until very recently they simply appeared to your followers (and to anyone that happened across them) as an url, lacking the attractive value of a nice video embedded in the browser.

Now Microsoft has solved the issue, and turned its game clips into a format which Twitter will recognize and embed automatically.

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tbone5671054d ago

Xbox Live always doing it right.

1054d ago
Ryan7411054d ago

Sweet. Man, I love this console.

Masterchief_thegoat1054d ago

Ms as a underdog is best 4 business

mhunterjr1054d ago

It appears to me that ms would be doing this updates, whether they were underdogs or not..

Quicktim31054d ago

through social media people sharing clips will increase interest for their system

is microsofts hope.

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