Dragon Age Inquisition Makes Skyrim Feel Small; Multiplayer A Mashup Of Mass Effect 3 & Dark Souls

A press member mentioned some of his Dragon Age Inquisition impressions, such as the game being so large that Skyrim feels small in comparison.
He also compared the multiplayer to a mashup of Mass Effect 3 and Dark Souls.

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ccgr1350d ago

Ohh, sounds amazing have to play the others first

Aleithian1350d ago

It's well worth it. I'm playing through them all again at the moment to prepare my world story. A very rewarding series.

Alexious1350d ago

The first is fantastic. Didn't play the second one, though

Imp0ssibl31350d ago

That's a bold statement. A Bioware game as large as Skyrim, or even more, could be fantastic. Hopefully they won't have sacrificed their storytelling in the process

Festano1350d ago

I really want to play a game with a large map of Skyrim, I can not wait.

boskoz1350d ago

As long as big=quality I am totally fine with this

markyboy21811350d ago

be warened the ps4 x1 versions look last gen took a massive graphics downgrade

the_dark_one1350d ago

soooooo what??? i want a good game like bioware knows how to do, if gameplay and story is good im set to have lots of fun with it. and by what we have seen from the game it looks absolutely gorgeous.

SirBradders1350d ago

Graphics ain't everything mate if your that concerned play it on PC and get the same experience bar graphics.

anticlimax1350d ago

I am superduper warened thank you. Also, I don't really care. My favorite game of the year so far is Divinity Original Sin, and while it's pretty in it's own way, it's no AAA major publisher game.

Gameplay+ story > graphics

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The story is too old to be commented.