Dragon Age: Inquisition Analysis | Best & Worst

The Dragon Age series has been a mark in the RPG genre, casting a very large shadow on the video game industry. While the first game in the series, Dragon Age: Origins, proved to be one of the best RPG’s made in the last ten years, the second installment didn’t quite live up to its predecessor, doing everything the other one did, but on a much smaller and shallower scale. Now, it is time for the third one called Dragon Age: Inquisition, but will it surpass the other two? While it does look so, there are still some things that may bother our minds.

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AgentSmithPS41386d ago

I've never played a DA game so I'm not sure what to expect. I probably like exploring more than anything else but if the story is good I'll enjoy it. I hope EA didn't just look at how big Skyrim was and the $$$ it made and commanded them to make a big world 'clone' with a questionable amount of content. One of the things they got right so far is that you can enter areas that are deadly for your low level character, it's nice to have things to fear in an RPG, then you go back later and kick their ass.

Compared to other games with large worlds and based on all that you know about this game and their past games, do you think it will have more or less interesting things to find and do?

eagle-eye1386d ago

It definitely is a game worth playing, the Dragon Age universe is rich and diverse. It will certainly have a lot of interesting things to do in it, and I recommend you play the first one as well, even if it's a bit more linear in terms of exploring (you could compare it to the first Witcher title)

Bigpappy1386d ago

You are so right about having things to fear in RPG's. I remember in Morrowind fighting a Vivic guard for calling me scum. I blocked his sword and still died in one blow. By the time I. Was powerful enough to take them down, I was Hortator. So they were kissing my arse and calling me citizen, lol.

AgentSmithPS41386d ago

Lol. That reminds me of Oblivion, I downloaded some 'OOO' mod to make things harder (since I'd heard people beat the arena at lvl 1 etc in vanilla) then I went into a random cave and a huge leopard ran up and smacked me dead instantly.
I'd then do my best to lure them out to attack people in the towns, after seeing the giant in the DA video I hope I can do the same with them ;).

joab7771386d ago

Let me get this straight. You hate party diversity that adds to the replay value, and u wish there were choices made that has an impact on the world. Those are the negatives. We have made quite a few choices already. And i love that u can't flesh out all the characters in 1 playthrough.