Heist missions heading to GTAV "shortly after launch" of new-gen version

GR-UK writes: "When Grand Theft Auto V launches on new-gen consoles on November 18 (the PC version isn't coming until January 27), we should thereafter get the heist missions that Rockstar has been promising for some time now, after a Rockstar rep confirmed as much to Gamereactor, saying that the content will be coming "shortly after the launch of the game.""

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Nitrowolf21383d ago

Shortly after they sell a decent amount of shark cards and release the ps5/X2 versions

Palitera1383d ago

Astronomical time lapses for astromical sales. And lies.

anwe1383d ago

Exactly. I fell for it the first time, I'll believe it when I see it.

GHOSTxx4201383d ago

But once new gen was announced this was kinda expected. Btw first person mode looks amazing can't wait. 11-18 here I come

Outsider-G1383d ago

You'd think they would be ready to roll this out day one on the current gen consoles. It would definitely give last-gen owners a reason to go back.

DeadRabbits1382d ago

lol I Saw the headline was about the post the exact same thing!

masadiam821382d ago

This just canceled my pre order smh same story last year.

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ChrisGTR11383d ago

That's exactly what they said when the last gen versions came out :/

JeffGUNZ1383d ago

THIS X10000000. How the hell can they have the balls to say that!? They advertised heists with the last gen console pre-release and STILL NOTHING.

F- this remaster.

-EvoAnubis-1383d ago

Whatever. I'll believe it when I see it. I've given up on GTA Online for now; got tired of having smoke blown up my ass.

Cy1383d ago

Just like they would be added "shortly after" GTA Online launched? Yeah, totally....

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The story is too old to be commented.