Xbox One CoD Advanced Warfare Bundle At $350 Before Black Friday

Techtorial: The Xbox One Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Limited Edition Bundle is now sold with $100 discount by a U.S-based retailer just a few weeks before Black Friday.

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AutoCad1136d ago

I have a feeling MS is going to love this coming holidays..

Brazz1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

i'm not trying to troll, but...

Ya see... slashing the price of your product in 40% on the first year isn't a good thing...
I wonder, what's the money that Microsft will lose on each console? I doubt that they are profiting, the price is as low as the WiiU lol! ( if you include COD value in the pack)

Dread1136d ago

I do not want to troll either, but I thought Sony did the same or something very similar with the Playstation 3.

Sony did fine then. It was a bit bumpy at first but look at them now.

KiwiViper851136d ago

The main aim is to get consoles in homes. Microsoft can afford to cut the price to repair their image with consumers.

The money is made on software.

VegasDawg1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Consoles have never been profitable that's not how they make money.

xer01136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

And that's not all.

They are paying to give away and discount games.
Both of which they are doing heavily right now.

Xbox division is seriously lucky to have an endless money bucket. That's the only way they are keeping afloat.

Sure, they'll make their money back on software sales; but the PS4 is making a profit on each console sold, as well as making a killing in software sales.

Foehammer1136d ago (Edited 1136d ago )

Outstanding value, if you're a SAMS Club member.

Might be worth becoming a member?

To answer your question:

"Xbox Platform revenue increased $538 million or 58%, due mainly to 102% higher volume and a 93% increase attributable to higher premium mix of consoles sold"

ABizzel11136d ago


MS has to make sure they have consoles in as many homes as possible and the holiday season is the biggest buying season for consoles where they can shift over 4 million units between November - December alone.

NA is generally that largest contributor to those sales account for 3/5 of the total sales for the holiday period. MS is looking to gain as many sales as possible this holiday.

They can still make the money back on software sales and XBLG, and over the years each of these XBO being sold for a possible loss will have turned into a profit through game sales and XBLG.

So it's take a small loss now, and hope to make a good profit later.

CorruptBoyd1136d ago

The goal is to get more consoles in more peoples' hands.

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tlougotg1136d ago

This will sell alot of units. Just like that tlou/gta5 Ps4 bundle will have ppl foaming. Im happy to see all these good deals already!

5eriously1136d ago

Now we talking. The XB0ne sold at its actual real value.

KiwiViper851136d ago

Are you forgetting this is 1TB with a new release game?

It's just straight up excellent value for money.

No amount of sly troll comments will change that fact

GodGinrai1136d ago

I got my 1TB bundle yesterday. It sure is sexy!

CloudRap1136d ago

This game is great, the king has held the throne.

ScorpiusX1136d ago

I want the gamescom MCC console bundle for this price and I want it now.

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The story is too old to be commented.