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GR-UK writes: "Los Santos looks sharper than ever before, and with new character animations, prettier cutscenes, over 20 new animals (which Rockstar wouldn't discuss, but assured me includes both land and sea creatures), crisp 1080p and gorgeous new environmental detail, there are loads of reasons to dive back into the world of crime as Michael, Trevor and Franklin. However, despite the quality of the new cosmetic additions, it's the first-person perspective that left the biggest impression with me. It's the killer app of GTAV on new-gen, as it truly changes the way you experiences the game. It's well implemented, mechanically solid, and gives the opportunity for some insane and brutal action sequences, where the player is taking front seat in the action. I came to London to see firsthand whether GTAV for new-gen consoles was necessary, and with a first-person experience in the bag, I can safely recommend a return to Los Santos. And by the way, it looks gorgeous."

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VenomUK1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

GAME REACTOR: "The entire experience is now presented in 1080p with a locked 30 frames per second (and that's the same across both consoles)"

1080p 30fps on PS4 AND XBO for an open-world game with advanced AI for the NPCs. Now that's a world class development studio!

uptownsoul1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

I agree on everything…And to think 1080p/30fps locked on a world as big as GTA 5 (with first person & 3rd person interchangeable views) is very, very impressive

zeuanimals1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )


Size of the world doesn't really affect the game unless there's very little popup and things across the map are being computed and rendered. It's really just everything in your near vacinity that is rendered and computed, and so it's much easier to have the framerate and resolution like that. Think of it like having a little slice of the map.

Also, far away textures tend to be low res but once you get closer, they render the higher res textures, which helps to save GPU power.

Not trying to downplay their achievement, but I wouldn't say it's impressive, not that it needs to be. Having the entire world rendered in real time would be a complete waste of resources, and even when machines are capable of doing that, it would still be useless (atleast for a realistic game where you're not moving miles at a time).

I'd argue what's more impressive is the attention to detail, which is gonna get a significant boost from being on these new machines (and PC).

Am_Ryder1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

@Zeu: You know Rockstar INVENTED that design process of procedurally rendering local NPCs and streamlining the GPU pipe for near distance? They created the original 3D open world design schematics.

I think the achievement still stands considering they invented it. It's the level of detail in GTAV which brings it to new heights.

Also, the law of diminishing returns: the big innovations you cite were made more than 10 years ago, and graphics have neared real-life fidelity massively since then, so obviously no more innovations as big as that are going to come along, possibly ever again.

TL;DR: You can't compare graphical achievements now to graphical achievements in 2001.

Spinal1349d ago

If someone asked what games I would want first person gta certainly wouldn't be one of em.

I won't be using this mode at all but good for those that wanted this?

30 players online.... I got a whole lot more bounties to collect woooooooooo!!

Dee_911349d ago

The Stallion is back !!

Hopefully they added more cars from previous gta's

Joey_Leone1349d ago

Yea, im glad they brought it back too.

user56695101349d ago

The reason they added first person is because ORift. Plus they know the mods are coming.

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sigfredod1349d ago

Taking notes Ubi? this is how with hard work you get a gigantic open world with pristine 1080p and solid 30fps rate and no vaseline on the image

teedogg801349d ago

Can't wait to try the first person mode.

ardivt1349d ago

yes this feature will make me buy the game again.
I guess it's current gen exclusive. or will they release a first person patch für 360/ps3?

LOL_WUT1349d ago

No more trying to manipulate the camera! ;) The strip club should be fun

TheStrokes1349d ago

Just watched it on IGN and it looks fuxxing amazing! Can't wait to go on the motocross bikes and cause chaos and try and leave police on the dirt tracks.

I'm more hyped for it now than I ever was with any other GTA!

WeAreLegion1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

It sounds so good! I can't wait!

I'm wondering what those new animals are. Maybe they added the Megalodon, since people seemed to enjoy that fake video so much. That would be amazing! I'd also love to see mythical creatures, as well. Maybe the return of Bigfoot? The ghost on top of the mountain is pretty cool, but I want more!

sipale1349d ago

Sounds a bit lame, i know, but im almost the most excited about the new animals. Hunting was my favorite part about rdr, so im hoping i get to hunt some bears in gta as well! Hail R*!

WeAreLegion1349d ago

I imagine bears are probably there. I hope so, at least. RDR hunting is so fun. Same with FarCry 3 and what I've seen of FarCry 4. Hoping we get some massive water creatures and some desert creatures.

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