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Neil writes "So you wanna be a rock superstar? And live large, a big house, five cars, you're in charge? You best go purchase a copy of Rocksmith 2014 Edition on Xbox One then."

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Zeromoniker1354d ago

Sounds cool. Does anyone know if the input lag is an issue at all?

I've played guitar for around 20 years and played previous versions of Rocksmith simply as a way of learning new songs (much more fun than simply reading from a score or guitar tab!) but there was a small, but noticeable, delay from fretting a note and actually hearing it being played via the console.

At times it meant that by the time you'd heard the previous note you'd miss the next due to the input lag.
(especially when basic finger-tapping was introduced !)

Having said that, to anyone looking to learn the mechanics of playing guitar I truly feel Rocksmith is a great tool and eases new players over the first difficult hurdle ..... fretting basic notes/chords and actually playing along WITH a song.

DJustinUNCHAIND1354d ago

I'm wondering the same thing. Do I need a new USB 1/4 inch or am I going to need a new one?

neil3631354d ago

Do you mean a new one over the old Xbox 360 version? I'm not sure on that one. Would guess that it is the same?

Orange1354d ago

Add to this question, how long is the cable? Not listed in any specs that I can see.

RE: lag, the claim is that is reduced, and I noticed in the FAQ the further claim that it can be reduced by setting the TV to "video game" mode to eliminate any post processing.

Zeromoniker1354d ago

Thanks for the info, appreciated.

neil3631354d ago

Sorry guys, should have included that in my review.

Cable length is 340cm (11ft ish). Input lag can also be changed in the settings but worked fine for me straight out of the box (although I'm sure some will need to change).

Infernostew1354d ago

"Good news -- we’re releasing 12 Jimi Hendrix songs as DLC in December. If you buy the PS4 or Xbox One editions of the game, you’ll be able to download all that content for free until January 31. Here’s more information about all of that.

Q: Which Jimi Hendrix songs are being released?
A: The 12 legendary Jimi Hendrix songs coming to Rocksmith 2014 are:

· Bold As Love
· Castles Made Of Sand
· Fire
· Foxey Lady
· Freedom
· If 6 Was 9
· Little Wing
· Manic Depression
· Purple Haze
· Red House
· The Wind Cries Mary
· Voodoo Child (Slight Return)"


ArchangelMike1349d ago

That is sooo awesome. I wonder how much the Jimi Hendrix DLC pack costs on it's own - I bet it's cheaper than £54.99 though.

I think I'll stick with my PS3 version.