Three Single Player Games To Look Out for in November

OnlySP: We’re at it again serving up three great games with some single player campaigns you can’t miss for November.

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Volkama1382d ago

Ahhh why on earth did I buy COD:AW today? I have far too much to play already. I might be the only one hoping for a really barren 2015!

vikingland11382d ago

I thought DA inquisition was campaign co-op? I was hoping my son and I could play this game together.

Freeball1381d ago

No campaign co-op, just a co-op mode. Specific short 4 player co-op campaign missions that randomly generate levels.

NoDucks1381d ago

I'm more for that GTA V

bauer0071380d ago

Theres only one game to consider and it wasnt on the list :L