Free Jimi Hendrix tracks available for next gen Rocksmith 2014 players

Neil writes "If you’re looking to learn guitar with Rocksmith 2014 Edition on the next generation then you’ll be pleased to know that free Jimi Hendrix tracks will be coming your way."

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Skate-AK1202d ago

This is awesome. I always wanted to learn to play Castles Made of Sand. Purple Haze isn't too bad either.

Dir_en_grey1202d ago (Edited 1202d ago )

give us a damn digital upgrade option, at least for those who bought the last gen versions digitally and can can't resell a hard copy.

ArchangelMike1197d ago

Exactly this. I've already got Rocksmith on PS3 and PC. SO no need of this for me. I would however get a digital upgrade though.