The Art of Assassin's Creed Unity gets U.S. release date and more info

Check out the release date along with more details for The Art of Assassin's Creed Unity.

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KrisButtar1203d ago (Edited 1203d ago )

Hey does anyone know if you can play the single player portion offline? Or is always being online required?

FullmetalRoyale1203d ago

If you aren't connected they are going to constantly push your nose into it like you're a fresh puppy. However an internet connection has never been REQUIRED for their games before. Though I would not recommend picking this up if you don't have internet to at least download the patch(es).

I'm very excited for Unity, myself.

Just know that they will likely constantly prompt you to connect your internet, or they'll try and connect to the servers every time you boot up.

They are annoyances, sure. But won't stop you from enjoying the single player portion.

KrisButtar1203d ago

Its good to know the Unity doesn't require Internet for the single player. I usually unplug during single player campaigns or single player games so that I am not interrupted during the story.

Ubisoft game Anno 2070 might of well been Internet required because content was locked out from the player if they were not connected. The player couldn't access higher level Arc stuff.

The PS4 is the same way always telling me to connect to the Internet and features are removed because I'm not connected.

I'm worried this is becoming a trend and online DRM is soon to follow and even playing single player will require Internet.

Spenok1201d ago

They have never required it. So don't expect that.

This game looks fantastic. Can't wait for it.