Lords of the Fallen Review - More Than Just a Dark Souls Lite | COG

There is no question where Lords of the Fallen gets its inspiration from but it has its own merits that help it stand out from simply being a Dark Souls clone. CI Games and Deck13 Interactive have brought an enjoyable dark fantasy RPG to current gen consoles that succeeds in spite of its flaws.

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SlapHappyJesus1171d ago

Really enjoying the game, now that it freaking works.
Nothing like being given review code, just to sit on it for this long.

Joher1162d ago

I play on this game and for me it is not a Dark Souls clone. This two games is difficult that is truth but it's different. I think this score is good for it. All who waht have challenging combat with all of bosses in the game must try play in Lords of the Fallen.