Best RPGs for PS3

What is PlayStation 4 has put together a list of the Best RPGs for PS3 in 2014.

With the PlayStation 3 being such a well-established console, gamers who love RPGs have the opportunity to experience a variety of fun and exciting PS3 games.

These are 17 of the most popular roleplaying games on PS3 you should keep on your radar for the holidays.

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Kamikaze1351383d ago

Take out Destiny and put in Dragon's Dogma and the Disgaea series and I would agree with this list.

breakpad1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

agree ..also put out smthing doesnt matter what it is (problematic lame Skyrim is a good idea) and put in Demon Souls and Dragons Crown

guitarded771383d ago

Yes, yes, yes... Demon's Souls.

bouzebbal1382d ago

hold on! Destiny and Darksiders are RPGs? lmao...

not even FFXIII is an RPG.
I wonder how many of these games the writer played, and if he played all PS3 tales of.
It's missing Folklore, Resonance of Fate, Demon's souls and Nier which are 4 great games.

Magicite1382d ago

They could easily fill this list with PS3 exclusive games only.

Tiqila1382d ago

They should better take out Final Fantasy XIII Series.

kalkano1383d ago

Strange as it may seem to some, because of it's low production value, I think Tears to Tiara 2 is the best RPG on PS3. Of course, I have a very low opinion of most modern RPGs...So I guess that's not really saying much.

Note: I think of Elder Scrolls as PC, since that's where I always play them.

Inception1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

I'm planning on buying Tears of Tiara 2 after i finished with Freedom Wars & Tales of Hearts R. But i never play the 1st game. Is it really good?

styferion1382d ago

the first game never made it to the west unfortunately, try it if you like srpg like Disgaea or FF Chronicles.

kalkano1382d ago

It is really good. It's more like Fire Emblem and Shining Force, than FF Tactics or Disgaea (I think that's a very good thing).

If you want to know the story of the first game (not necessary), the Tears to Tiara anime is based on it.

Be warned that it's an SRPG mixed with visual novel, and there's a LOT of reading (Japanese-only voices). It doesn't bother me too much, but I'm sure it will turn plenty of people away.

kalkano1383d ago

Holy crap do I disagree with your thoughts on the FF13 series...

The first one was decent, but it just gets worse from there. 13-3 was the worst Final Fantasy of all time...In fact, it shouldn't be called Final Fantasy at all.

joel_c171383d ago

Final fantasy died last gen. Playing FF13 made me want to slam my wang in a drawer.

franwex1383d ago

LOL. I skipped on ff13, however ff15 has my wang super hard! I hope it is not a tease...

jambola1383d ago

You've obviously spent plenty of time slamming your head in one

kalkano1382d ago


XV is less of a Final Fantasy than 13-3 was.

thepatientgamer1383d ago (Edited 1383d ago )

Where is Demon's Souls?
And where is KH2 which is coming out in December...
And where is fallout 3?
And Dragon's Crown?

jjonez181383d ago

How dare YOU! (My opinion of your opinion)

I had fun with it. Interesting battle mechanics that were fun to master. Cool story too. Hoping for a sequel from Level 5 on PS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.