What I Want From Nintendo’s Next Console.

8BitChimp says, "Rumors are flying around regarding a possible next-gen console from Nintendo. These are spawned by a job listing posted by Nintendo. Here are some key features that I believe will make the next Nintendo console a success, as well as the obvious hardware updates to make it on the same level as Sony’s PS4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One."

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GameCube1231382d ago

For me, seeing Nintendo make a true third-party worthy console would be nice. To make it on the level of the PS4 and Xbox One would be good, but I feel as though since its 9th gen hardware (unless it releases in the next year) it would probably be better to wait out the 8th gen and make a top of the line console in 2019 or 2020. It should certainly focus more on online gaming, and Nintendo should fix their servers. If VR is popular by then, then I would like to see that as an attachment or included with the console. The key would be to focus on appealing to third-parties. The only problem would be convincing Xbox and PlayStation fans to leave their online services for a Nintendo console, which has had a somewhat less then pleasant past few years in the eyes of many gamers

Takwin1382d ago

Just make a system on par with the lowest of XBox or Playstation next gen.

The Wii U will have a surprisingly strong generation due to absolutely incredible first-party games.

Nintendo could surprise everyone (people and companies) and release a system mid-gen that surpasses both PS4 and the One, but I doubt it.

Lightning Mr Bubbles1382d ago (Edited 1382d ago )

Will there even be a Nintendo next console?

I mean people are over that waggle gimmick, and now it's back to trying to appeal to real gamers, so what is Nintendo gonna do?

Last gen Nintendo didn't need us, they were too busy selling to little kids and their grandparents and they pretty much turned their backs on gamers, now the little kids and grandparents got bored and went to play something else. So what now? Good luck getting us back.

Spenok1381d ago

Yeah seriously. If they had something on par with Sony and MS they would easily have a great selling console. Release it around the same time, and we would see a gerational battle between the 3 the likes we've never seen. As you said, they have a great first part line up, so at the very least that would keep them afloat. Though, not having a Trophy/Achievement system in place yet, and both the others having it for at least 2 generations at that point. Many people may not want to jump ship because of what they've built up in the past. It's a tough choice really.

Sly-Lupin1382d ago

I'd like and expect a long wait.

Ck1x1382d ago

What I want for Nintendo to do with the next hardware is the same mentality they had with GC. It doesn't have to be the strongest 9th gen console, but design it in a way that developers can get every ounce of power from it easily. Everyone likes to compare tflops this and Ram that, but I want them to consciously make the console that will push their games for the next 8-10yrs. Nintendo is making their transition great into the HD era and I think they realize how good specs can benefit game design even further. I want them to make the console that doesn't restrict them or their 2nd and 3rd party partners visions or ideas at a decent price.

N4g_null1382d ago

The wiiu uses blu ray tech, the game pad is optional you have almost 7 controllers now including the 3ds.

Also gpgpu is designed to keep getting more out of the chip.

Now 4k hardware scaling for wii and wiiu old games. A dolphin like feature. Multiple nvidia video card models or amd. Upgrade your own ram like n64. Scalable os and chip design around scaling archecture with support for new pc gpu interfaces.

Current gpgpu design with the extra gpu being any pci express card from pc, including top of the line cards possible external cards.

Game pads that play 3ds game and can function on their own. 3ds console that act as gamepads.

4k output.. will need a titan level gpu. Various models of gamepads available sd, hd, uhd, possibly vr wearable?

Local cloud tasking. You could setup game servers on old hardware like a 3ds or wiiu to get the rob effect.

Support for cart games again or fx chip like upgrades or ram. All plug and play.

Steam and android support. Slide a galaxy note four into your gamepad gear harness if you need another gamepad. Out side hardware vendor support.

3rd party won't come back but steam support would force them to come back. Plus more development tools and funding would be available.

Subsidize cost with vc console subscription, nintendo tv, tree house access, game rentals, gamer chat and invite vip subscription. Then make all current nintendo internet access the same as it is on the wiiu. Only services provided by nintendo are behind the pay wall.

You can pick from a few different nintendo cores that you can link together wirelessly.

Amiibo fully supported. Development services for Amiibo creation offered to 3rd parties by nintendo.

Nintendo grade engines for classic game types offered to the community! By some of the greats! For modding! Forget lpb! We need use of real tools! Call it the nintendo sand box or something. Rebuild the dev community the old school way.

Unified accounts and game collections with nfc card log on to any nintendo made device. Possible nfc hard drives so you don't have to wait on a download at a friends house. USB 3 support. with steam and android support.

Custom hardware shells! For consoles. I don't want to wait to buy a clear or white console!

Help valve make hl3! Make any console a dev kit. Just like pc... just use nfc and a log in to keep the pirates at bay. Steam needs the internet anyway yet nintendo next just needs you to log in just like the wiiu.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1382d ago

how about worry what you want on Wii U first

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