I’m Sick Of "Hardcore" Meaning "Stupidly Hard"

GeekParty: "I want to get something straight right from the word go; I’m not suggesting that developers should stop making stupidly hard games. I’m not personally a fan of stupidly hard games, but I have no problem with their existence. There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place.

The problem is, people are trying to claim that super hard games are inherently good by declaring them 'hardcore'."

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GameCube1231383d ago

Does hardcore really mean anything anymore? What is a "hardcore" gamer? The gamer that stays up to date on gaming news and participates in the community, or the gamer who sits on a couch 12 hours a day playing COD. It isn't a universally agreed upon term, and when the word is ever used its trying to appeal to a specific target market. The problem is that the target market may not identify with the term

knifefight1382d ago

I seem to notice "hardcore" meaning "agrees with me" in a lot of conversations.