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With its exhilarating action and gorgeous visuals, is Freedom Wars the savior the Vita has been waiting for?

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Apocalypze1295d ago

again complaints about repetitiveness, thats something thats in the hunting genre , sounds to me like this guy is not a real monster hunter player, every monster hunter player i know loves freedom wars.

SleepingHero1295d ago

I hated mister hunter so bad and I love this game. Iv wanted a hunting game like this for ages! Hated monster series cause it felt to slow and childish then came soul sacrifice witch was fun fast just to dark and I didn't like the magic system. Now we have freedom and Iv finally found the perfect hunting game! Can't wait till they add more stuff

ninjahunter1295d ago

most of the repetitive nature is relatively optional, depending on how good of gear you want/need. Seems to me as though the main quest line keeps it pretty fresh as far as objectives and enemies go.