Last Year is another multiplayer slasher simulator where you can play as the killer

Warp Zoned writes:

"Is there something in the water? Besides the rotting corpse of Jason Voorhees, that is.

Just a few days after Gun Media announced Summer Camp, James Matthew Wearing has announced Last Year, his own asymmetric multiplayer game set within the confines of a slasher film. Wearing has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the development of Last Year’s PC release, which he wants to launch in Fall 2016. He is currently developing Last Year by himself and hopes to use a successful Kickstarter campaign as a means of attracting a team willing to help him complete the game."

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ATi_Elite1228d ago

In most games you are the one doing all the killing anyway so what's the big deal when a game advertises you being a killer?

I mean seriously since day 1 you get killed 3 times game over meanwhile you gotta kill a million Aliens Zombies Nazis Monsters Animals and even anilhilate entire civilizations to win.

All of a sudden you get tasked with taking out a few unarmed civilians and it becomes the most hated thing ever.

What about all the friends and family's of the Aliens you just killed? What about that entire enemy space station you just exploded?

I'm sure there were innocent unarmed civilian contractors working on that space station just trying to make a living to feed their family and they had no part in the invasion or kidnapping the Princess but they died too.

Gamers have been killing unarmed civilians since PacMan started ruthlessly eating those dots belonging to the ghost who were in there home being peaceful until YOU the gamer unleashed havoc upon them first.