Hands-on with Nintendo's final Amiibo designs - Eurogamer

"This month Nintendo is set to dive head first down the warp pipe from its regular world of virtual characters into a new era of physical toys.

The new Amiibo range arrives in the UK on 28th November, but Nintendo has a long-term plan for the NFC figures that stretches far beyond launch (when they will only interact with Super Smash Bros. for Wii U). "

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namEuser1328d ago

Just got done listening to a favorite podcast of mine, and I'm honestly disappointed that hearing a lot of people upset and complaing about the way the final build looks...I mean to nitpick that much about a toy figure that u place on ur gamepad when needed is a bit pompuose....I want to get every single one of them regardless of what they look like, Nintendo's not going to make them look herendus for crying out loud lol I think they look just fine IMO, its the mere fact to have them all and pay tribute to Nintendo while doing so :)