Sony talks difference between Gold and Silver gaming headsets, Pulse Elite update and more

Sony's Anand Agarwal talks about the PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset and PlayStation Gold Wireless Stereo Headset differences, Destiny audio mode for Pulse Elite along with other subjects regarding the gaming headsets.

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Neonridr1350d ago

Loving my Gold's right now.

tlougotg1349d ago

Yeah, i love watching movies with them too!

jrshankill1348d ago

Of course you do!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1349d ago

Has anyone compared the Gold to the Pulse Elite? Which one's better?

KwietStorm1349d ago

The Gold doesn't do anything the Elite doesn't. Might be slightly note comfortable though. I'm fine with the Elite because of the sliders for volume, and the bass impact.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1349d ago

Yea the volume buttons on the gold suck. Wish it had a slider. It actually pauses the audio every time you hit the volume button. The bass in it is fine, not sure if it's better than the Elite though. Never tried the Elite.

BattleTorn1349d ago

From what I understand, the difference is in the fact that Sony made the Gold compact / fold-able.

If you ask me, size and mobility always come at a price.

DeadManMMX1349d ago

Yeah I bought mine back with Infamous Second Son can't wait to play some more immersive horror games with them.

kingduqc1349d ago

You should try a real pair of headphones for once. You'll be baffled you paid 100$ for the quality you get. I've tried my friend's gold and they sound awe full. Both microphone and the headset it self.

nirwanda1348d ago

Which pair do you use, do they have a Mic, what the surround like ect.
I use a pair of Sony x300 and I really liked the sound but considered I pair of agks with a mic

Neonridr1348d ago

well considering I had a $100 gift card I don't mind them at all. I paid $13 dollars for them (accounting for taxes). You tell me what headset I could get for $13 that sounds better than the Gold's and I will listen to you.

Sure I could have splurged and got Astro A50's or Skull Candy PLYR 1's... but have you seen how those things hook into the console? That's partly Sony's fault for not having a USB port on the back, but man does it make the setup hideous looking with wires coming out of the front and back of the console. The Gold's have a nice small USB dongle which sends everything to the headset. Neat and tidy.

kingduqc1348d ago


I got a pair of sennheiser hd 598, a pair of beyerdynamic DT 990 and use to have akg K701 Headphones. I used many mics, one that work well with headphones is the modmic 4.0, there are cheaper mics that sound better but their way to integrate it to the headphone and the ability to take it out is just fantastic, I got it so I can swap between the dt and the sennheiser that I have and they work flawlessly.

But those are bit more expensive then most of the people are ready to pay for headphones, Audio-Technica ATH-M50 used to be around 99$ and they are killer, best deal for great audio at cheap price. Sadly they sold like hotcake and are not closer to 200$, their lower sets are quite good too (ATH-M40X are around 100$ and they are great, tried it for 2 hours from my friend) or the Sony MDR7506, I've head many praise about it.

Honestly, I've tried many many "gaming headset" and they are all well below average for their price. Turtle beach, sony's, logitech g35 and a few razers... The only decent one are the Astros but that's because they include an amp and for the price you can get a much better one anyway.

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Masterchief_thegoat1349d ago (Edited 1349d ago )

Damm my headset right side is mess up getting disagree for that. Wow no matter still enjoying the headset

zeuanimals1349d ago

I think it's the avatar and the name, people assume you're a fanboy or something trying to downplay the headset. Your post history shows that you lean Xbox, but you don't troll PS articles or anything, so you're just a person with a preference. Pretty messed up disagreeing with someone just for that.

BABY-JEDI1349d ago

I think you should clean the wax out your ear. Seriously.
O.T. Gold with Alien Isolation puts you there on that space station. It's absolutely amazing. Must buy IMO
; D
Cotton wool buds all around

Masterchief_thegoat1349d ago

I wish this gold have warranty

Iceball20001349d ago

The Destiny Pulse Headset mode is now out!

KwietStorm1349d ago

I just looked because I read your comment, and it's not there. Thanks.

Iceball20001348d ago

i got the update on the PS4 headset app.

KwietStorm1348d ago

When you said Pulse, are you talking about the Gold headset? Because it's not showing up for my Pulse Elite.

Iceball20001348d ago

I'm talking about the Pulse Elites yes, you need to use the app and assign the mode to the headset and update the headset, this is on the PS4 I don't know if the PS3 app has been updated.

OUROSMAG1349d ago

Waiting on the platinum edition headphones.

Elite-uk1349d ago

They should hurry and release faceplates for the gold's!.

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