Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare PS4 vs. XBO MP & SP Image Comparison: PS4 Wins With Better IQ In MP

The PS4 version of Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare seems to have a definite advantage over the Xbox One version. During our comparison we also noticed better IQ in the multiplayer of the PS4 version.

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GribbleGrunger1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I thought the XB1 had a firmware to sort the crushed black problem out?

DarkLordMalik1380d ago

The problem is still there for games who are not native 1080p. Sunset Overdrive is another game with crushed black.

MasterCornholio1380d ago

I'm confused about something. The Xbox One version of COD AW runs with a dynamic resolution. Does that mean there are crushed blacks when it runs under 1080P and normal blacks when it runs in 1080P?

It would be really annoying to see something like that happen in real time which is why I'm asking.

Volkama1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

I don't get how you would recognise crushed blacks on Sunset Overdrive. There are no other platforms to form any comparison, so how can you distinguish "crushed blacks" within the distinct and vibrant palette of the game? Not saying you're wrong, but my eyes would just see it as part of the visual style.

The Xbox One has quite a few output options (RGB, Full RGB, 16/24/32bit colour, YCbCr and such. They can be used in various combinations, and the defaults are conservative. It would be interesting to see a professional comparison between the settings to see where issues with gamma and crushed blacks manifest.

Arkardo1380d ago


Crushed blacks are easily distinguished for most people nowdays, i have trained eyes for years of being a video enthusiast, projectors, several Tv's and settings, you get used to it and i can say almost every X1 title that do upscaling have notorious crushed blacks

Volkama1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

@Arkado sure, but Sunset Overdrive? You'd be hard pressed to even find anything black in that game...

But you sound like a man that knows your displays and has an Xbox One. Fancy running some comparisons between the various settings to see what ones do or don't crush blacks? In the absence of any proper articles I think quite a few people would be interested in observational evidence.

I'd do it myself, but I find it hard to know if my mind is tricking my eyes when I look without any direct comparison :)

@below but I don't think COD uses the upscaler. The dynamic resolution is probably a software solution. Could be wrong, maybe you can just throw any resolution you fancy and it'll take care of it.

Arkardo1380d ago


Im not saying Sunset overdrive has crushed blacks personally, but it's a trend with every X1 title that uses the upscaling solution and COD AW it's still not immune to this, they have to sort it because it's turning kind of annoying.

Christopher1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

***I don't get how you would recognise crushed blacks on Sunset Overdrive. ***

You can tell it's specifically a crushed black issue by doing gamma testing.

FITgamer1380d ago

@MasterCornholio During MP the Xbox One res is locked at 1360x1080. So there would be no change.

BallsEye1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

No, there is no issue. Just that most idiots don't know how to set up display settings, chosing full color range (PC MODE) on a TV. Just switch settings to TV LIMITED and everything will be fine. If you use full color range (PC mode) then you will have crushed blacks on normal TV's. You guys need to stop spreading false info and learn few things. There is a gamma test in display settings.

As for the article.
"PS4 wins with better image in MP"
I guess you don't care to mention that ps4 drops below 40 fps while xbox one keeps almost perfect 60.
Double standards?

MRMagoo1231380d ago


Except the MP is 60fps locked on PS4 at full 1080p and the xbone is basically 900p. I think the MP is a lot more important than the SP in COD considering most people say they dont even play the SP campaign.

jspsc1231380d ago


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sigfredod1380d ago

nope it was the sharpener filter

illAmpRefugee1380d ago

Theres hardly a difference to me i the ps4 does look brighter but i dont think i would be able to tell the difference unless i saw the game side by side

Bigpappy1380d ago

No"crush black" is the new goal post. I am not even sure wtf that is. But ok.
When did the gearnuke website become an authority on evaluating game performance. I call but hurt over digital foundry's evaluation. Seems like they are now illegitimate like LOT for siding with Xbox LOL

yewles11380d ago

Seems like someone didn't read all of DF's early evaluation...

"Right now, the majority of our testing has concentrated on the campaign mode, where Sledgehammer Games really pushes the boat out visually. However, we briefly dipped into the multiplayer mode on both systems in order to gain some first impressions on resolution and frame-rate. We'll need to test this much more thoroughly across a range of maps, but initial results suggest that the dynamic resolution switch is disabled on Xbox One, leading to a static 1360x1080 presentation throughout. Meanwhile, PS4 locks to native 1080p. This is significant, bearing in mind that multiplayer is the key focus for many COD fans, but the good news is that overall gameplay frame-rates seem just as solid as our recent testing on the Gamescom and EGX builds - a state of affairs that extends to both systems."

gangsta_red1380d ago

Bigpappy, you are right. "Crushed Black" is the new thing to say for every Xbox One game compared to PS4. That's how it works on this site. Before it was "jaggies" that was the hip term to use in every comparison video between the PS3 and 360.

Now that a lot of comparison videos between the X1 and PS4 are starting to look way too similar we have to pull out a new buzz word to downplay the resolution. First it was parity

Now everyone notices "crushed blacks" because they read it somewhere in an article. Now "crushed blacks" is a huge problem that the X1 must overcome.

It's really hilarious the new things some of these guys stick to when it's convenient for them. It's why they are all flocking to Gearnuke now, now we all have to strain our eyeballs to notice these "crushed blacks" the X1 supposedly have.

What's even funnier is I'm reading someone above saying Sunset Overdrive has "crushed blacks". LMAO, it's just way to funny on this site.

fr0sty1380d ago

604,800 pixels per frame difference on PS4. That's 2/3 of a 720p frame worth of additional picture detail.

TheXgamerLive1379d ago

Sony fanboys lieing about Xbox One and so called crush blacks. Haha it looks better first off. Ya know blacks are supposed to be actually black.

KirbysDump1379d ago

crushed blacks, lol, just play the games

TAURUS-5551379d ago

what a surprise..we all knew the PS4 alays got better graphics.

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HeMan761380d ago

Its gearnuke no matter what always PS4 wins. No doupt XO is the by far winner on visual and performance department.

eezo1380d ago

was about to say this only... even after Digital Foundry tech analysis... GearNuke say this....

thekhurg1380d ago

Digital Foundry said the PS4 looks better. Plus the Xbone version has screen tearing.

GribbleGrunger1380d ago

Digital Foundry said much the same. Screen tearing, crushed blacks and lower resolution. It's only because the media have been focused on the framerate of the 'campaign' that you think this comparison is different.

Unarmed_Civilian1380d ago

Digital Foundry tech analysis is for single player mode only, and those dips on PS4 AND x1 is in scenes where it does not matter for the gameplay

On the other hand in multi PS4 is 1080p/60fps with better IQ and v-sync, x1 is locked to 1360/1080 60fps with crushed blacks and screeen tearing.

Infamous2981380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

This comment man...hhh.. it oozes denial haha.

TheStrokes1380d ago

I'm sure the native 1080p throughout the full game on PS4 says otherwise. It's no secret that multiplatform games perform better on PS4. visually and performance wise.

But to put it to rest, we can only really count on Digital Foundry to cement the facts.

Whatever console or PC you play on, I'm sure you will enjoy anyway.

Magicite1380d ago

when u multiply by zero, you still get zero = XO!

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qwerty6761380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

not sure what hes talking about, i looked at all those images and the XBO colors seem to be more vibrant and pop out more

where ps4s are more dull.

is anyone else seeing this or am I alone here? doesnt the ps4 colors look more dull?


umm its evident in those pictures too, xbo seems darker but it makes the colors seem more vibrant.

Unarmed_Civilian1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Open each pictures in separate tab and switch between them, just look at the crushed black on x1 ,oh my...



yeah i dont think so.

Elit3Nick1380d ago

these pictures prove his point, the PS4 version colors look a bit more dull

TheStrokes1380d ago

XO overall looks duller compared to PS4. The black has less depth.

Sonital1380d ago

Be careful not to find the contrast/brightness setting on your console/TV. It'll blow your mind.

vishmarx1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

anyone who says xo looks better in this is blind.its not even about opinion.
colours are exactly the same.
you say they look vibrant it because black is much much darker in comparison.
also eh that blurriness in the xo pic , how can anyone in this world say its better than the other one?

the orange ad. color is the same but look at the sharpness difference , look at the tower above his head, look at the movie poster jaggies in the flagpole, window of the green hut on right.that bus stop advert, do you think it was meant to be opaque and ps4's dull colors made it translucent without any additional tech?...
heck look at any fine detail.its night and day

i cannot honestly believe even the most blind xb1 fanboy will truely call the xo quality better as long as he's being honest

Why o why1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

The ps4 is sharper...just look at the fonts on the billboards. Minor minor differnces but if you look at those images and still say you cant see any difference then you need either your eyes checked or your fanboy tints toned down a notch

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Unarmed_Civilian1380d ago

Say what you want but the image quality is far better on ps4, crushed black kills the IQ on x1.

Utalkin2me1380d ago (Edited 1380d ago )

Sorry crushed blacks is awful and you loose alot of detail. Not only that the ps4 screenshot is much sharper.


Ummm no it doesnt. The PS4 and PC version is more representative of the color the developers wanted. No reason to over saturate the image.


I kinda like the more dark on the X1 version , especially on those Night shots!

Arkardo1380d ago


This is why every uninformed people enters a Best Buy and get the Tv with the most idiotic ultra vivid preset settings, with contrast and colors all the way up.

The X1 upscaling solution utilizes too much sharpness, contrast and colors to appeal and make people see a little less aliasing present on every upscaled game, this results on crushed blacks on almost every upscaled game too.

KiwiViper851380d ago

I wonder if they have been through the xbox one display set up.. Cause it doesn't look like that on my TV

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skydragoonity1380d ago

No surprises here. It is as it should be and as it will be this gen

Unarmed_Civilian1380d ago

For those who dont know PS4 is 1080p/60fps in multi,and x1 is locked 1360/1080 60fps ,dynamic resis only for singleplayer ,basically same pixel count of 900p.

callahan091379d ago

You're right. 900p is 2% more pixels than 1360x1080.