PS Plus Free Games For November 2014 For Asia PSN Announced, Don't Get Your Hopes Too High

The wait of PlayStation fans is finally over, Sony has just announced the PlayStation Plus content for Asia region for the month of November 2014. Warning: Don't get your hopes too high as games

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Kivespussi1234d ago

For PS4 I really like the titles. BoI especially. I don't mind both being indies since it's still fairly new console.

But the PS3 games have dropped in quality. Not just retail games every month anymore, now it has become more and more indies only. Still nothing wrong with indies but PS+ used to be so much more

theshredded1233d ago

Frozen synapse is pretty intrigue

Spenok1233d ago

Wonder what the states is going to get. I'm loving at least one game across the 3 systems each month. Which is worth it for me. Still more than $50's worth throughout the year. Dust was amazing. Glad I held out for it.

Austin481232d ago

I wish they would put some good triple A titles on there.