Oculus Rift Consumer Launch 'Many Months' Away - Brendan Iribe

VRFocus - Speculation over when the Oculus Rift virtual reality (VR) head-mounted display (HMD) will finally launch a consumer version is currently rampant within the VR community. Discussion has been spurred on by the reveal of the Crescent Bay prototype for the device in September 2014 as well numerous comments and hints from Oculus VR figureheads about just when it might arrive. This week CEO Brendan Iribe has again weighed in on the topic, stating that the device is still 'many months' away.

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jamstorr861268d ago

Months is better than years

ooquis1268d ago

December 2015....I'm calling it!!

bouzebbal1268d ago

instead of criticizing other's work (morpheus), they better pull up their sleeves and try to have their thing ready.
i am a console player and if VR is a big deal (which i doubt) then it's morpheus i'll be getting.

s45gr321267d ago

Even though virtual reality will work best on the PC. Due to its upgradeable hardware.