Ask Dr. Gamer: The Science Behind Mid-Air Platforms

Rizzard Core writes: "Welcome to another installment of Ask Dr. Gamer! I am your host, Dr. Gamer, turning virtual reality into actual reality. I received my doctorate in Platforming from Super Mario Bros. U, so I know what I’m talking about!

Today’s question is from Carl P. Tunnel who hails from Catfish Banjo, South Carolina.

Carl writes:

Dear Doctor Gamer,

A lot of platform games have platforms suspended in mid-air. How does this work in real life?

Carl P. Tunnel,

Catfish Banjo, SC"

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LumpztheClown1386d ago

This article made me question my whole childhood...EXCELLENT WORK! :-)

derikmoore1386d ago

I love seeing actual science applied to games ,and I'm a sucker for anything on the Casimir Effect.