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The potential of some companies to do many things. At Activision just does not lack, and spares no year in investing resources in their new weapon of war, this time Call of Duty which is equipped with the exoskeleton to propose a transformation. The question is: Is the power changes everything?

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Cream1383d ago

very cool game, love the changes... but same old servers, Same old hit detection.

CloudRap1383d ago

Honestly Im starting to prefer the game without exos, COD is too fast and the new abilities make it too frantic IMO.

ImHyjack1383d ago

It's garbage the hit detection has gone backwards it's worse then BOps2 the lag compensation is laughable. They have taken one of the things I really enjoy while playing with friends and destroyed it. The fact that you can be flying, and hit everything but standing still and not hit anything is maddening.

tlougotg1383d ago

I agree with you in regards to it being worse than BO2, i think BO2 graphically, smoothness, control wise, etc is better.

Cream1383d ago

I would buy any one of their old titles again for even more money if they just fix their hit detection.

They did allot of new stuff that is very cool.

But All I Want Is... Designated Servers!

Unreal011383d ago

Good game. Thoroughly enjoying this, and I will enjoy it for months to come.

DefenderOfDoom21383d ago

I just want to play the CO-OP wave mode.