ZTGD | Freedom Wars (Vita) Review

Jae Lee writes: Looking at the list of big vita releases, one can’t help but notice a prominence of a particular genre.

Soul Sacrifice Delta, Ragnarok Odyssey Ace, Toukiden and now Freedom Wars. They are all a part of what many would categorize as “Monster Hunter like” titles and while they wouldn’t be entirely correctly, they wouldn’t be completely wrong, either.

We can thank the Japanese market with its obsession for the genre but I wasn’t complaining since I too enjoyed those games as well. So when I heard about Freedom Wars, I believed I was in for yet another “one of those”.

However, when I got my hands on Freedom Wars I thought that this was a title with a clear identity of its own and full of potential.

Unfortunately, the more I played it, the more it became apparent that this was a game riddled with flaws and my hopes that this might be something special faded into a sea of disappointment.

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Apocalypze1355d ago

This guy is whinning about the difficulty and gives it a 6 , dude have u even played monster hunter ? I love monster hunter but they give it a better score as if they get payed to do hunter didnt even have a story lol

FrustratedFury1354d ago

I have to agree. It does look like the writer was "payed" by Capcom to write a more harsh review of Freedom Force. It makes sense you you sit back and think about it.