Next-Gen (Well, Now Current-Gen) Games To Be Excited About In 2015

Although already approaching a year old, the PS4 and Xbox One have yet to stretch themselves, break out of the cross-generation overlap, and really show what everyone imagines the next-gen can really do

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Eldyraen1355d ago

Roughly 75% of games announced for next year on I'm interested in already so I may need to be picky. The first couple months alone has about 5 games I'm practically guaranteed to buy and I bet we see a few more for March/April since it (typically) is better than February but think that might change this coming year.

I will probably pick up a Wii U too the moment Zelda is released then start on the back catalogue (maybe Summer if a drought arrives). We haven't seen much on it but Zelda is usually my favorite Nintendo franchise and more open the better IMO.

medman1355d ago

My 2015 list so far, in no particular order...
Uncharted 4, The Division, The Order:1886, Halo 5, Quantum Break, MGSV, The Witcher 3, Arkham Knight, Bloodborne, No Man's Sky, Star Wars Battlefront, Rime, Wild, Below, The Tomorrow Children, Until Dawn, Alienation, Hellblade, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, The Witness, Project Cars... I have no clue when I'll find the time to play them all, but I guarantee you I will try my best to do so.

GameCube1231355d ago

For me its Halo 5, Project Cars, Star Wars Battlefront, Mortal Kombat X, and I will need to see more of the game, but No Man's Sky could be great

ATi_Elite1355d ago

Omg tired of hearing about NO Man's Sky. That game is gonna be a total let down. Well for Pc Gamers at least because we already have a very strong Space Sim game catalogue and I just do not see nms being as tactical in depth and Gamer driven as what Pc Gamers are use to.

Plus all I hear is graphics procedural world's exploration. OK is there any conflict pew pew trading backstabbing corporation building crating mining gamer driven currency or do you just fly around looking at orange dinosaurs.

The actual game play machine of nms has been very very limited which is putting me off.

OpieWinston1354d ago

I look forward to space exploration but Hello Games doesn't have any experience with Space Sims and everything they're talking about has done before.

Fanboys are hyping it up to be something special when anyone who's been a PC gamer for the past 10 years has had some amazing Space Sims.

ATi_Elite1354d ago

exactly and especially with Starpoint Gemini 2 Elite Dangerous X-Rebirth and that little StarCitizen I just dont NMS doing anything on the level of these games.

Elite Dangerous even has plans to be as ambitious as StarCitizen with planetary exploration in fps format along side vehicles.

lots of great space sims to enjoy past present and future

OpieWinston1354d ago

God I can't wait for Elite Dangerous...
That game has had plenty of phases of development and has been treated right.