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Inside the cockpit the game is as solid as ever. You’re faced with full race weekends, where each session brings its own challenges - Writes Sean Carr

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PridedLlama1351d ago

Codemasters have completley lost the plot for me. I dont understand them not realeasing anything on the current gen machnes. Autosport was absent as is F1 and also the Micromachines rip off.

F1 in particular, like the reviewer says has lost all of its soul. It's a shame they have also dropped the historic stuff that I loved in last years game too.

They really need to turn the whole company round in the next 12 months or I just dont see them being around for much longer, especially with Slightly Mad Studios doing great stuff.

ABBAJESUS1351d ago

I agree. F1 deserves better developer.. I give em one more chance with "next gen F1 2015"

sizeofyou1351d ago

I think they've stated that until their Ego engine has been satisfactorily updated to use new hardware, they're not releasing. Makes sense to me. They release half baked conversions and people will not be happy.
F1 is confirmed for next year and I'm sure there'll be other announcements too...

booterboy1351d ago

F1 2014 was released to boost revenue and is meant as a filler until the "next gen" F1 2015 is released in April/May of next year.
Most people seemed to have skipped 14 which really should have been priced as dlc.
Not great times for Codies as Grid Autosport sales were poor as well as as the disastrous last episode of Dirt,Showdown.
Codemasters has been in huge decline since about 2009 circa the collapse of its Fps/shooter studio closure after the failed Operation Flashpoint reboot and the final nail in the coffin Bodycount.
Really surprised they are still in Business.
Anyway as an F1 fan really hope their next gen engine is up to the task of delivering a proper F1 game with 30+ sec replays/no rubber banding,greatly improved ai and better use of the F1 licence.

TeamVVV1351d ago

It certainly does seem like a filler game I agree.